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function InternalApplyUpdates(const Delta: OleVariant; MaxErrors: Integer;  out ErrorCount: Integer): OleVariant; virtual; abstract;


virtual System::OleVariant __fastcall InternalApplyUpdates(const System::OleVariant &Delta, int MaxErrors, /* out */ int &ErrorCount) = 0 ;


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
function protected
Datasnap.Provider TCustomProvider


Provides the underlying implementation of the ApplyUpdates method.

The ApplyUpdates method calls InternalApplyUpdates to apply the updates contained in a delta packet after generating the BeforeApplyUpdates event and before generating the AfterApplyUpdates event. The InternalApplyUpdates method of TCustomProvider is abstract (Delphi) or pure virtual (C++), meaning that it has no implementation. Descendant classes override this method to apply updates, resolve update errors, and return any updates that could not be applied.

Delta is the delta packet containing insertions, deletions, and modifications to be applied.

MaxErrors indicates the maximum number of errors that can be applied before stopping the update operation. If MaxErrors is –1, the provider tries to apply all updates.

ErrorCount returns the number of errors encountered during the update operation.

InternalApplyUpdates returns a data packet of updates that could not be applied to the database as an OleVariant.

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