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property DataSet: TDataSet read FDataSet write SetDataSet;


__property Data::Db::TDataSet* DataSet = {read=FDataSet, write=SetDataSet};


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
property published
Datasnap.Provider TDataSetProvider


Specifies the dataset from which the provider provides data and to which it applies updates.

Set DataSet to link the dataset provider to a dataset that it represents. The dataset provider packages the records from (and other information about) DataSet into data packets that can be used by client datasets and XML brokers. DataSet must be defined if the provider is used to create data packets.

If the ResolveToDataSet property is true, the provider applies updates from the application server directly to this dataset. Otherwise, the provider applies updates directly to the underlying database server.

Note: The provider communicates with DataSet using the IProviderSupport interface. This interface is available in all datasets, although in TDataSet most of the IProviderSupport methods are simple stubs that either do nothing or generate an exception. The dataset classes that ship with the IDE (dbExpress datasets, BDE-enabled datasets, ADO-enabled datasets, InterBase Express datasets, and client datasets) override these protected methods to implement the IProviderSupport interface in a more useful fashion. If you are using custom dataset components, check with the vendor whether they can work with a dataset provider.

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