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function ModuleResourceGet(const AModuleName, AResourceName: string;  const ASegments: TEMSResourceRequestSegments; const AQueryParams: TEMSResourceRequestQueryParams): IEMSResourceResponseContent;


_di_IEMSResourceResponseContent __fastcall ModuleResourceGet(const System::UnicodeString AModuleName, const System::UnicodeString AResourceName, const System::DynamicArray<System::UnicodeString> ASegments, const System::DynamicArray<System::Generics::Collections::TPair__2<System::UnicodeString,System::UnicodeString> > AQueryParams);


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
function public
EMS.Services TEMSInternalAPI


Executes a GET resource request to retrieve the content of particular resource of the EMS Edge module from the EMS Server.

ModuleResourceGet receives the following input parameters:

  • AModuleName: the RAD Server EdgeModules Resource name for the particular resource.
  • AResourceName: the resource name of the AModuleName to retrieve the data.
  • ASegments: Array of URL segments of the EMS Resource endpoint to execute the request. ASegments value may be null.
  • AQueryParams: Query parameters used to execute a filtered resource request. AQueryParams value may be null.

ModuleResourceGet returns an IEMSResourceResponseContent with the response from the EMS Server.

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