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function UpdateModule(const AModuleName: string; const AJSONObject: TJSONObject): IEMSResourceResponseContent; overload;


_di_IEMSResourceResponseContent __fastcall UpdateModule(const System::UnicodeString AModuleName, System::Json::TJSONObject* const AJSONObject)/* overload */;


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
function public
EMS.Services TEMSInternalAPI


Updates the fields of an EMS Edge module in the EMS Server.

UpdateModule updates the content of a given EMS Edge module in the EMS Server, adding, updating or deleting custom fields.

  • To add a new field, add a custom name/value pair to the TJSONObject.
  • To delete a field, pass a null value in the JSON object for that pair.

UpdateModule receives the following input parameters:

  • AModuleName: EMS Edge Module name that is registered in the EMS Server.
  • AJSONObject: JSON object that contains pairs of name/values.

UpdateModule returns the content of the request response from the EMS Server.

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