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Defines FireMonkey 2D and 3D forms, and the global TApplication object.

Package fmx270.bpl


IDesignerFormIs an interface that is implemented by forms that are part of the designer.
IDesignerHookIDesignerHook is an interface that allows component writers to interact with the form designer in the IDE.
IDesignerStorageDefines an interface that the Form Designer uses to store and retrieve some form settings which are used by the mobile form designer.
IFMXFullScreenWindowServicePlatform service that defines various methods related to full-screen mode management.
IFMXWindowBorderServicePlatform service that defines the methods for creating a custom window border.
IFMXWindowServicePlatform service that defines various methods related to FireMonkey window management.
IFMXWindowSystemStatusBarServiceService for working with native system status bar.
TAfterCreateFormHandleNotification about creating real form.
TApplicationTApplication is the type used for a FireMonkey GUI-based windowed application.
TApplicationStateHelperFor internal use. TApplicationStateHelper is a record helper that provides fields for a scoped enumeration, the FMX.Forms.TApplicationState type.
TApplicationTerminatingMessageNotification about terminating application.
TBeforeDestroyFormHandleNotification about destroying real form.
TCommonCustomFormTCommonCustomForm represents the base class for all forms, whether they are 2D or 3D.
TCustomFormTCustomForm represents the base class from which you derive other windows such as dialog boxes and forms.
TCustomPopupFormTCustomPopupForm represents the base class for FMX pop-up forms.
TDeviceKindHelperFor internal use. TDeviceKindHelper is a record helper that provides fields for a scoped enumeration, the FMX.Forms.TDeviceKind type.
TFmxFormBorderStyleHelperFor internal use. TFmxFormBorderStyleHelper is a record helper that provides fields for a scoped enumeration, the FMX.Forms.TFmxFormBorderStyle type.
TFmxFormStateHelperFor internal use. TFmxFormStateHelper is a record helper that provides fields for a scoped enumeration, the FMX.Forms.TFmxFormState type.
TFormTForm represents a standard FireMonkey application window (form).
TFormActionLinkLinks an action object to a client (generic form).
TFormActivateMessageNotification about activating specified form.
TFormBeforeShownMessageNotification about showing specified form.
TFormBorderImplements functionality used in creating custom styled form borders.
TFormDeactivateMessageNotification about deactivating specified form.
TFormFactorIs used to specify various display options for sharing forms between multiple devices (PCs, iPads, and so on).
TFormOrientationHelperFor internal use. TFormOrientationHelper is a record helper that provides fields for a scoped enumeration, the FMX.Forms.TFormOrientation type.
TFormPositionHelperFor internal use. TFormPositionHelper is a record helper that provides fields for a scoped enumeration, the FMX.Forms.TFormPosition type.
TFormReleasedMessageMessage sent when a form is released or destroyed.
TFormSaveStateClass used to save the state of a form.
TFormsCreatedMessageMessage sent when all the forms of your application are created.
TFormSystemStatusBarSystem status bar settings.
TFrameTFrame is a container for components; it can be nested within forms or other frames.
TOrientationChangedMessageMessage that indicates that the orientation of the screen of the device running your application has changed.
TSaveStateMessageDispatched when an application is about to go to background and needs to save its state.
TScaleChangedMessageMessage that indicates that the screen resolution has changed.
TScreenTScreen represents the state of the screen in which an application runs.
TVKStateChangeMessageMessage sent when the state of the virtual keyboard of the system running your application changes.
TWindowBorderImplements functionality used in creating custom styled windows borders.
TWindowStyleHelperFor internal use. TWindowStyleHelper is a record helper that provides fields for a scoped enumeration, the FMX.Forms.TWindowStyle type.


ApplicationStateReturns the application state at any given moment in time.


TApplicationStateRepresents an enumeration of the application states.
TCloseEventTCloseEvent is the type of a FireMonkey form's OnClose event handler.
TCloseQueryEventTCloseQueryEvent is used for event handlers that are called when a window is about to close.
TDeviceKindRepresents an enumeration of the target device kinds.
TDeviceKindsRepresents a set of TDeviceKind enumeration items.
TExceptionEventTExceptionEvent is the type of event handlers that respond when the application traps an unhandled exception.
TFmxFormBorderStyleTFmxFormBorderStyle is the type of the BorderStyle property for all FireMonkey forms.
TFmxFormStateTFmxFormState describes the possible states of a FireMonkey form.
TFmxFormStatesTFmxFormStates is a set of TFmxFormState elements.
TFormOrientationRepresents an enumeration of FireMonkey form orientations that are available for devices that support this feature (for instance, an iPad or an iPhone).
TFormOrientationsRepresents a set of TScreenOrientation enumeration items.
TFormPositionTFormPosition describes the positioning of a FireMonkey form.
TIdleEventTIdleEvent is the type of event handler that perform actions when the application is idle.
TWindowStyleRepresents an enumeration of FireMonkey window styles.
TWindowStylesRepresents a set of TWindowStyle enumeration items.


ActionUpdateDelayNeverActionUpdateDelayNever can be used in methods like TApplication.DoIdle to define that no updating of actions is required.
ApplicationRepresents application-level information.
ScreenRepresents a screen device.


DefaultFormStyleLookupDefaultFormStyleLookup: string = backgroundstyle;