FMX.Forms.TCommonCustomForm Methods

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_AddRefprotectedCalled when an application uses a component interface.
_ReleaseprotectedCalled when an application releases a component interface.
ActionChangeprotectedSpecifies the behavior of a TCommonCustomForm form when Action changes.
ActivatepublicActivation event dispatcher.
AddFreeNotifypublicAdds AObject to the list of objects to be notified when this TFmxObject is destroyed.
AddObjectpublicAdds the AObject object to the Children list of children attached to this parent object (self).
AddObjectsToListpublicAdds the children of this object to the given list.
AnimateColor (deprecated)publicCreates a TColorAnimation for this object (self).
AnimateFloat (deprecated)publicCreates and runs a TFloatAnimation for this object (self).
AnimateFloatDelay (deprecated)publicCreates a TFloatAnimation for this object (self).
AnimateFloatWait (deprecated)publicCreates a TFloatAnimation for this object (self) and does not return until the animation is finished.
AnimateInt (deprecated)publicCreates and runs a TIntAnimation for this object (self).
AnimateIntWait (deprecated)publicCreates a TIntAnimation for this object (self) and does not return until the animation is finished.
AssignpublicCopies the contents of another similar object.
AssignToprotectedCopies the properties of an object to a destination object.
AsyncScheduleprotectedSchedules asynch method calls.
BeginInternalDragprotectedImplements functionality to start the drag-and-drop operation for the given object on the surface of the given form.
BeginInvokepublicPerforms an asynchronous call to the method specified by either AProc or AFunc.
BeginUpdatepublicStarts updating all the child controls in this form.
CanShowpublicRetrieves whether the form is not visible.
ChangeNameprotectedSets the private, internal storage for the Name property to the string passed in NewName.
ChangeOrderprotectedNotification method called after the creation order is changed.
ClassInfopublicReturns a pointer to the run-time type information (RTTI) table for the object type.
ClassNamepublicReturns a string indicating the type of the object instance (as opposed to the type of the variable passed as an argument).
ClassNameIspublicDetermines whether an object is of a specific type.
ClassParentpublicReturns the type of the immediate ancestor of a class.
ClassTypepublicReturns the class reference for the object's class.
CleanupInstancepublicPerforms finalization on long strings, variants, and interface variables within a class.
ClientRectpublicReturns a TRectF with the coordinates of the client area.
ClientToScreenpublicConverts the given mouse coordinates to screen coordinates.
ClonepublicReturns a new cloned instance of this FMX object.
ClosepublicCloses the form and returns the close action that the form uses.
CloseModalpublicPrepares a modal form for closing and returns the close action that the form uses.
CloseQuerypublicClose-attempt event dispatcher.
ContainsObjectpublicReturns True if the specified object is a direct child.
CreatepublicCreates and initializes this form.
CreateHandleprotectedCreates the window for this form and assigns it a handle.
CreateNewpublicCreates and initializes this form.
DeactivatepublicDeactivation event dispatcher.
DefaultHandlerpublicProvides the interface for a method that processes message records.
DeleteChildrenpublicDeletes all the children of this FMX object.
DestroyComponentspublicDestroys all owned components.
DestroyHandleprotectedDestroys the window handle created by CreateHandle.
DestroyingpublicIndicates that the component and its owned components are about to be destroyed.
DispatchpublicCalls message-handling methods for the object, based on the contents of the Message parameter.
DisposeOfpublicDisposeOf forces the execution of the destructor code in an object.
DoActionChangeprotectedTBasicAction.OnChange event dispatcher.
DoTapprotectedProcesses the unhandled OnTap events.
DragDroppublicExecutes when you drop an object over the surface of this form.
DragEnterpublicExecutes when you drag an object while entering the surface of this form.
DragLeavepublicExecutes when you drag an object while leaving the surface of this form.
DragOverpublicExecutes when you drag an object over the surface of this form.
EndFunctionInvokepublicBlocks the caller until the specified ASyncResult completes.
EndInvokepublicBlocks the caller until the specified ASyncResult completes.
EndUpdatepublicEnds updating all the child controls in this form.
EnterMenuLooppublicStarts the menu loop for the main menu bars that this form might contain.
EnumObjectspublicLoops through the children of this object, and runs the specified procedure once per object as the first parameter in each call.
EqualspublicChecks whether the current instance and the Obj parameter are equal.
ExchangepublicExchanges two objects from the children list.
ExecuteActionpublicExecutes an action.
FieldAddresspublicReturns the address of a published object field.
FindComponentpublicIndicates whether a given component is owned by the component.
FindStyleResourcepublicReturns the style resource object with the specified (AStyleLookup).
FindTargetprotectedReturns the specified control located at the given coordinates.
FreepublicDestroys an object and frees its associated memory, if necessary.
FreeInstancepublicDeallocates memory allocated by a previous call to the NewInstance method.
FreeOnReleasepublicFrees the interface reference for components that were created from COM classes.
GetActiveControlprotectedRetrieves the active control.
GetBiDiModeprotectedProtected getter implementation for the BiDiMode property.
GetBoundspublicBounds of form - position and size.
GetCapturedprotectedProtected getter implementation for the Captured property.
GetChildOwnerprotectedReturns the owner of a child component being read from a stream.
GetChildParentprotectedReturns the parent or, if there is no parent, returns the owner of a child component being read from a stream.
GetContainerHeightprotectedReturns the value of the ClientHeight property.
GetContainerWidthprotectedReturns the value of the ClientWidth property.
GetDataprotectedProtected getter implementation for the Data property.
GetDisposedprotectedGetter for the Disposed property.
GetEnumeratorpublicReturns a TComponent enumerator.
GetFocusedprotectedReturns the value of the Focused property.
GetHashCodepublicReturns an integer containing the hash code.
GetHoveredprotectedRetrieves the control stored in the Hovered property.
GetIDsOfNamesprotectedMaps a single member and an optional set of argument names to a corresponding set of integer dispatch identifiers (dispIDs).
GetInterfacepublicRetrieves a specified interface.
GetInterfaceEntrypublicReturns the entry for a specific interface implemented in a class.
GetInterfaceTablepublicReturns a pointer to a structure containing all of the interfaces implemented by a given class.
GetNamePathpublicReturns a string used by the Object Inspector.
GetObjectprotectedReturns a reference to this form object.
GetObserversprotectedGetter of Observers.
GetOwnerprotectedReturns the owner of a component.
GetParentComponentpublicReturns the containing component.
GetTypeInfoprotectedRetrieves the type information for an object.
GetTypeInfoCountprotectedReturns the number of type information interfaces that an object provides (either 0 or 1).
HandleNeed (deprecated)public
HandleNeededpublicThe HandleNeeded method requests the form to create its handle at this moment and all the resources associated to it.
HasParentpublicVerifies whether the component has a parent.
HidepublicHides the form.
InheritsFrompublicDetermines the relationship of two object types.
InitializeNewFormpublicPerforms several initializations required by this form.
InitiateActionprotectedCalls the action link's Update method if the control is associated with an action link.
InitInstancepublicInitializes a newly allocated object instance to all zeros and initializes the instance's virtual method table pointer.
InsertComponentpublicEstablishes the component as the owner of a specified component.
InsertObjectpublicAdds the object provided in the parameter to the FChildren TList of this object (self), at the specified position (index).
InstanceSizepublicReturns the size in bytes of each instance of the object type.
InvalidatepublicSchedules a repaint of this form.
InvalidateRectprotectedSchedules a repaint of the specified rectangle zone on the given form.
InvokeprotectedProvides access to Automation properties and methods when the component wraps an Automation object.
IsChildpublicReturns True if the specified object is a child.
IsDialogKeyprotectedDetermines whether the pressed key should be processed only by the control having the focus or by all children controls and menus of the form.
IsHandleAllocatedpublicReturns true only if the handle is allocated.
IsImplementorOfpublicIndicates whether the component implements a specified interface.
KeyDownpublicExecuted when a key is pressed while this form has the input focus.
KeyUppublicIs executed each time when a key is released while this form has the input focus.
MethodAddresspublicReturns the address of a class method by name.
MethodNamepublicReturns the name of a class method by address.
MouseCapturepublicSets the mouse capture to this window, which belongs to the current thread.
MouseDownpublicExecutes each time you press a mouse button.
MouseLeavepublicExecutes each time the mouse leaves the surface of this form.
MouseMovepublicExecutes each time you move the mouse over the surface of this form.
MouseUppublicExecutes each time you release a mouse button.
MouseWheelpublicExecutes each time you roll the mouse wheel.
NewFocusedControlprotectedRetrieves the control that can obtain the focus.
NewInstancepublicAllocates memory for an instance of an object type and returns a pointer to that new instance.
ObjectAtPointpublicReturns the object located at the given coordinates.
ObjectState (deprecated)publicDescribes the current state of the object.
operator ()public
PaintRectsprotectedRepaints all the rectangles given through the UpdateRects parameter.
PaletteCreatedprotectedResponds when the component is created from the component palette.
ParentChangedprotectedNotification method called after the parent is changed.
QualifiedClassNamepublicReturns the qualified name of the class.
ReadStateprotectedReads the state of the component.
RealignprotectedRealigns all the child objects of this form and repaints the form's surface by a call to InvalidateRect.
RecreateprotectedRe-creates this form.
RecreateResourcespublicRecreates the context where the form renders itself.
ReferenceInterfacepublicEstablishes or removes internal links that cause this component to be notified when the implementer of a specified interface is destroyed.
RegisterHintReceiverprotectedRegisters a new receiver.
Release (deprecated)public
ReleaseCapturepublicReleases the mouse capture from this window that belongs to the current thread and restores normal mouse input processing.
Released (deprecated)publicReturns True if this object has been released from memory.
RemoveComponentpublicRemoves a specified component specified from the component's Components list.
RemoveFreeNotificationpublicDisables the destruction notification that was enabled by FreeNotification.
RemoveFreeNotificationsprotectedNotifies all owned components of the owner component's imminent destruction.
RemoveFreeNotifypublicRemoves the given object from the free notifications list.
RemoveObjectpublicRemoves a children object from its parent.
ResizeHandleprotectedResizes this form according to ClientWidth and ClientHeight.
SafeCallExceptionpublicHandles exceptions in methods declared using the safecall calling convention.
ScaleChangedHandlerprotectedEvent handler for the event that occurs when there is a change in the scale of the control.
ScreenToClientpublicTransforms the global screen coordinates to local client area coordinates.
SetActiveprotectedSets the value of the Active property.
SetActiveControlprotectedSets the focus to the specified AControl control.
SetAncestorprotectedClears or sets csAncestor state in the component's ComponentState property.
SetBoundspublicSets the boundaries for this form.
SetCapturedprotectedSets the value of the Captured property.
SetChildOrderprotectedSets the visual ordering of a child control.
SetDataprotectedProtected setter implementation for the Data property.
SetDesignpublicSets the csDesigning in TComponentState. Used internally by the IDE.
SetDesigningprotectedEnsures that components inserted at design time have their design-mode flag set.
SetDesignInstanceprotectedEnsures that components inserted at design time have their design-mode flag set.
SetFocusedprotectedProtected setter implementation for the Focused property.
SetHoveredprotectedSets the Hovered property and activates the functionality informing that the mouse pointer has entered the area of the control.
SetInlineprotectedSets the csInline bit of the component's ComponentState property.
SetNameprotectedSets the value of the Name property.
SetParentprotectedProtected setter implementation for the Parent property.
SetRootpublicSets the Root property of each child in the children list.
SetSubComponentpublicIdentifies whether the component is a subcomponent.
ShowpublicDisplays the form onscreen.
ShowModalpublicShows the form as a modal dialog box.
SortpublicSorts the children in the children list using the specified sorting procedure.
StartWindowDragpublicSignals that this form's window is about to be dragged.
StartWindowResizepublicSignals that this form's window is about to be resized.
StopPropertyAnimationpublicStops the animation of the specified property of this FMX object.
StyleChangedHandlerprotectedEvent handler for the event that occurs when there is a style change.
ToStringpublicReturns a string containing the class name.
TriggerHintsprotectedCalls the TriggerOnHint method of all the objects that are registered in the registry.
UnitNamepublicReturns the name of the unit where the class is defined.
UnitScopepublicReturns the class's unit scope.
UnregisterHintReceiverprotectedUnregisters a receiver.
UpdateActionpublicUpdates the state of an action.
UpdateActionsprotectedUpdateActions updates all the actions associated to the current form.
UpdateRegistryprotectedProvides the interface for a method that adds type library and version information to the Registry on components that implement COM interfaces.
UpdatingprotectedSets the csUpdating state in the component's ComponentState property.
ValidateContainerprotectedDetermines whether an object can be inserted into a container.
ValidateInsertprotectedProvides the interface for a method that validates a child component before it is inserted.
VirtualKeyboardChangeHandlerprotectedThe listener for virtual keyboard events of the form.
WriteStateprotectedWrites the state of the component.