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property ShowDeleted: Boolean read GetShowDeleted write SetShowDeleted stored IsSDS;


__property bool ShowDeleted = {read=GetShowDeleted, write=SetShowDeleted, stored=IsSDS, nodefault};


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
property published
FireDAC.Phys.ADS TFDPhysADSDriverLink


Specifies the deleted records visibility mode.

Use the ShowDeleted property to specify the deleted records visibility mode for the FireDAC Advantage driver.

In the DBF tables, the deleted records still exist physically inside tables so they can be returned to client applications. ShowDeleted controls whether the Advantage filters out records that are marked for deletion in DBF tables.

If ShowDeleted is False, then the server filters the deleted records and the client never "sees" those records. This call affects all the currently connected servers and all the server connections that are made after the call.

ShowDeleted has no effect on Advantage proprietary ADT tables. Records that are deleted in ADT tables can never be retrieved by a client application.

The default value is True.

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