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A sensor measures a physical quantity and converts it into a signal that can be read by an application. System.Sensors.Components provides your applications with components that let you obtain information from many different types of hardware sensors.

Package rtl270.bpl


EGettingSensorException class for sensor accessing.
TBiometricSensorTBiometricSensor is a wrapper for TCustomBiometricSensor.
TElectricalSensorTElectricalSensor is a wrapper for TCustomElectricalSensor.
TEnvironmentalSensorWrapper for TCustomEnvironmentalSensor.
TLightSensorWrapper for TCustomLightSensor.
TLocationSensorTLocationSensor is a wrapper for TCustomLocationSensor.
TMechanicalSensorWrapper for TCustomMechanicalSensor.
TMotionSensorWrapper for TCustomMotionSensor.
TOrientationSensorWrapper for TCustomOrientationSensor.
TScannerSensorWrapper for TCustomScannerSensor.
TSensorDefines basic functionality for sensor components.


TOnSensorChoosingTOnSensorChoosing is used for events that provide a list of sensors and expect an index of a selected sensor.


pidSensorSupportPlatformspidSensorSupportPlatforms: Integer = $1945F;