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constructor Create(dest: TStream); overload;
constructor Create(dest: TStream; compressionLevel: TZCompressionLevel; windowBits: Integer); overload;
constructor Create(compressionLevel: TCompressionLevel; dest: TStream); overload;


__fastcall TZCompressionStream(System::Classes::TStream* dest)/* overload */;
__fastcall TZCompressionStream(System::Classes::TStream* dest, TZCompressionLevel compressionLevel, int windowBits)/* overload */;
__fastcall TZCompressionStream(TCompressionLevel compressionLevel, System::Classes::TStream* dest)/* overload */;


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
constructor public
System.ZLib TZCompressionStream


Creates and initializes an instance of a TZCompressionStream object.

Call Create to instantiate a TZCompressionStream object.

The CompressionLevel parameter determines the type of compression algorithm to be used, and must be one of the following: clNone, clFastest, clDefault, or clMax.

The Dest parameter is a TStream object; compressed data will be written to this stream.

The WindowBits parameter determines the buffer handling. Zero indicates the zlib header to determine the buffer size. Values between 8 and 15 set the buffer size, negative values indicate the raw processing, and adding to 16 forces the gzip handling.

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