Vcl.ComCtrls.TTreeNode Properties

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AbsoluteIndexpublicIndicates the index of the tree node relative to the first tree node in a tree node.
CountpublicIndicates the number of direct descendants of a tree node.
CutpublicIndicates if the tree node object is drawn as if selected as part of a cut and paste operation.
DatapublicPoints to application-defined data associated with the tree node.
DeletingpublicIndicates whether a node's Destroy method has been called and the node is in the process of being deleted.
DisposedprotectedDisposed is a read-only property that shows the current state of this object.
DropTargetpublicIndicates whether the tree node is drawn as a drag and drop target.
EnabledpublicEnable/disable node selection.
ExpandedpublicSpecifies whether the tree node is expanded.
ExpandedImageIndexpublicImage index when item is expanded.
FocusedpublicIndicates whether the node appears to have focus.
HandlepublicContains the window Handle of the tree view that contains the node.
HasChildrenpublicIndicates whether a node has any children.
ImageIndexpublicSpecifies which image is displayed when a node is in its normal state and is not currently selected.
IndexpublicSpecifies the position of the node in the list of child nodes maintained by its parent node.
IsVisiblepublicIndicates whether the tree node is currently visible in the tree view image.
ItempublicProvides access to a child node by its position in the list of child nodes.
ItemIdpublicContains a handle that uniquely identifies each node in a tree view.
LevelpublicIndicates the level of indentation of a node within the tree view control.
OverlayIndexpublicDetermines which image from the image list is used as an overlay mask.
OwnerpublicIndicates which tree nodes object contains the tree node.
ParentpublicIdentifies the parent node of the tree node.
SelectedpublicDetermines whether the node is selected.
SelectedIndexpublicSpecifies the index in the tree view's image list of the image displayed for the node when it is selected.
StateIndexpublicIndicates which image from the StateImages list to display for the node.
TextpublicSpecifies the label that identifies a tree node.
TreeViewpublicSpecifies the tree view that displays the node.