Vcl.Controls.IDockManager Methods

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AddRefpublicIncrements the reference count for this interface.
BeginUpdatepublicResponds when the docked controls are about to change.
EndUpdatepublicResponds when the docked controls have finished changing.
GetControlBoundspublicReturns the dimensions allotted to a control that is already docked.
InsertControlpublicHandles the docking of a control into the associated container control.
LoadFromStreampublicLays out a set of docked controls read from a stream.
PaintSitepublicPaints the elements that surround all docked controls.
PositionDockRectpublicComputes the dimensions of a new docking zone.
QueryInterfacepublicReturns a reference to a specified interface if the object supports that interface.
ReleasepublicDecrements the reference count for this interface.
RemoveControlpublicHandles the undocking of a control from the associated container control.
ResetBoundspublicRecomputes the layout of docked controls.
SaveToStreampublicSaves a list of the set of docked controls and their positions to a stream.
SetReplacingControlpublicPrepares the dock manager for replacing one docked control with another.
SupportspublicIndicates whether a given interface supports a specific (another) interface.