Vcl.Controls.TDragDockObject Properties

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AlwaysShowDragImagespublicSpecifies whether the image associated to the drag object is shown during the drag process.
BrushpublicSpecifies the brush used to draw the dock image.
CancellingpublicSpecifies whether the drag operation is being canceled.
ControlpublicIndicates the control that is being dragged.
DisposedprotectedDisposed is a read-only property that shows the current state of this object.
DockRectpublicSpecifies the rectangle on which the control is docked if released.
DragHandlepublicSpecifies the window handle of the dragged object.
DragPospublicSpecifies the position of the dragged object.
DragTargetpublicSpecifies the dragged object's target.
DragTargetPospublicSpecifies the position of the drag object relative to the drag target.
DropAlignpublicSpecifies how the control will be aligned when docked.
DropOnControlpublicSpecifies the control on which the dragged control would be docked if released.
DroppedpublicDrag ended with drop.
EraseDockRectpublicSpecifies the rectangle that was previously erased.
EraseWhenMovingpublicDetermines whether the current TDragDockObject item erases the dock rectangle while the control is moved.
FloatingpublicSpecifies whether the control is floating.
FrameWidthpublicSpecifies the border width, in pixels, of the frame drawn around the drag image.
MouseDeltaXpublicSpecifies the x-coordinate of the mouse position relative to the position of the dragged object's target.
MouseDeltaYpublicSpecifies the y-coordinate of the mouse position relative to the position of the dragged object's target.
RightClickCancelspublicSpecifies whether the drag operation is canceled when the right mouse button is clicked.