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Defines extra VCL controls such as TCalendar, TCornerButton, and TImageViewer.

Package vcl270.bpl


EGridPanelExceptionThe base class for runtime exceptions that occur in grid panels.
TBevelTBevel represents a beveled outline.
TBoundLabelTBoundLabel is the type of a labeled edit control's label.
TButtonedEditTButtonedEdit is an edit control that has two embedded buttons.
TCategoryPanelTCategoryPanel is used to hold the set of display control legends for a particular display category.
TCategoryPanelClassMetaclass for the TCategoryPanel class.
TCategoryPanelGroupTCategoryPanelGroup is a container for collapsible panels that are TCategoryPanel objects.
TCategoryPanelSurfaceTCategoryPanelSurface defines the surface of a TCustomCategoryPanel.
TCategoryPanelSurfaceClassTCategoryPanelSurfaceClass defines the metaclass for TCategoryPanelSurface.
TCellCollectionA collection of TCellItem objects.
TCellItemRepresents an item in a TCellCollection.
TColorBoxTColorBox represents a combo box that lets users select a color.
TColorListBoxTColorListBox represents a list box that lets users select a color.
TColumnCollectionControls the Collection Editor for columns within a grid panel.
TColumnItemSpecifies an item in a collection.
TControlBarTControlBar manages the layout of toolbar components.
TControlCollectionSpecifies a collection of control items.
TControlItemRepresents an item in a collection.
TCustomButtonedEditTCustomButtonedEditis the base class for edit controls that contain embedded buttons.
TCustomCategoryPanelTCustomCategoryPanel is a base class for the TCategoryPanel class.
TCustomCategoryPanelGroupImplements a container for collapsible panels that are TCategoryPanel objects.
TCustomColorBoxTCustomColorBox represents a combo box that lets users select a color.
TCustomColorListBoxSpecifies a custom color list box.
TCustomControlBarTCustomControlBar is the base class for control bar components.
TCustomFlowPanelThe base class for all flow panel components.
TCustomGridPanelThe base class for all grid panel components.
TCustomLabeledEditTCustomLabeledEdit is the base class for edit controls that have an integrated label.
TCustomLinkLabelBase class for labels containing an HTML link.
TCustomPanelTCustomPanel is the base class for all panel components.
TCustomRadioGroupTCustomRadioGroup is the base class for radio-group components.
TCustomTrayIconThe base class for TTrayIcon.
TEditButtonButton in a TButtonedEdit.
TEditButtonClassMetaclass for the TEditButton class.
TFlowPanelTFlowPanel implements a flow panel control in which components are placed in pre-defined locations.
TGridPanelTGridPanel implements a grid panel control in which each component is placed within a cell on a grid.
THeaderTHeader is a sectioned visual control that displays text and allows each section to be resized with the mouse.
TImageTImage displays a graphical image.
TLabeledEditTLabeledEdit is an edit control that has an associated label.
TLinkLabelImplements a label containing an HTML link.
TNotebookTNotebook displays multiple pages, each with its own set of controls.
TPageSpecifies a page in a TNotebook control.
TPaintBoxTPaintBox provides a canvas that applications can use for rendering an image.
TPanelTPanel implements a generic panel control.
TRadioGroupTRadioGroup represents a group of radio buttons that function together.
TRowCollectionControls the Collection Editor for rows within a grid panel.
TRowItemRepresents an item in a TCellCollection.
TShapeTShape represents a geometric shape that can be drawn on a form.
TSplitterTSplitter divides the client area of a form into resizable panes.
TTimerTTimer encapsulates the Windows API timer functions.
TTrayIconCreates an icon in the system tray next to the clock.


Frame3DDraws a three-dimensional frame on a canvas.
NotebookHandlesNeededGlobal procedure that allows controls that use the Anchors property to resize correctly in non-visible pages.


NaturalNumberSet of natural positive numbers having the highest Integer representable boundary.
TBalloonFlagsA type specified when showing a balloon hint that puts one of the default icons on the balloon message.
TBandDragEventTBandDragEvent is the type of a band's Vcl.ExtCtrls.TCustomControlBar.OnBandDrag and Vcl.ExtCtrls.TCustomControlBar.OnBandDrag event handlers.
TBandDrawingStyleSet of drawing styles for bands of a TControlBar.
TBandInfoEventTBandInfoEvent is the type of a band's Vcl.ExtCtrls.TCustomControlBar.OnBandInfo and Vcl.ExtCtrls.TCustomControlBar.OnBandInfo event handlers.
TBandMoveEventTBandMoveEvent is the type of the Vcl.ExtCtrls.TCustomControlBar.OnBandMove and Vcl.ExtCtrls.TCustomControlBar.OnBandMove event handler.
TBandPaintEventTBandPaintEvent is the type of the Vcl.ExtCtrls.TCustomControlBar.OnBandPaint and Vcl.ExtCtrls.TCustomControlBar.OnBandPaint event handlers.
TBandPaintOptionTBandPaintOption and TBandPaintOptions specify which parts of a band are painted.
TBandPaintOptionsSet of frame painting styles for objects on a TControlBar.
TBeginBandMoveEventTBeginBandMoveEvent is the type of the Vcl.ExtCtrls.TCustomControlBar.OnBeginBandMove and Vcl.ExtCtrls.TCustomControlBar.OnBeginBandMove event handlers.
TBevelShapeTBevelShape determines the overall shape of a bevel control.
TBevelStyleTBevelStyle indicates whether a bevel appears raised or lowered.
TCanResizeEventTCanResizeEvent is an alias for TSpitterCanResizeEvent.
TCellSpanSpecifies the maximum rows a control will span on.
TColorBoxStyleTColorBoxStyle and TColorBoxStyles specify how a color box control displays its selections.
TColorBoxStylesTColorBoxStyles and TColorBoxStyle specify how a color box control displays its selections.
TCornerEdgeThe size of the cornering for the edge of the bands in a TControlBar.
TEndBandMoveEventTEndBandMoveEvent is the type of the Vcl.ExtCtrls.TCustomControlBar.OnEndBandMove and Vcl.ExtCtrls.TCustomControlBar.OnEndBandMove event handlers.
TExpandStyleSpecifies how a grid panel is expanded.
TFlowStyleSpecifies the flow style to automatically align a set of controls.
TGetColorsEventType of event handler for the get colors event.
TLabelPositionTLabelPosition specifies the position of the label in a labeled edit control.
TLBGetColorsEventTLBGetColorsEvent is the type of a color list box's Vcl.ExtCtrls.TCustomColorListBox.OnGetColors and Vcl.ExtCtrls.TCustomColorListBox.OnGetColors event handlers.
TPanelBevelTPanelBevel specifies a bevel's cut.
TResizeStyleSpecifies a set of resizing styles for TSplitter.
TRowSizeSpecifies the maximum size of a row in a TCustomControlBar.
TSectionEventTSectionEvent is the type of event handlers, like OnSized, that respond when a section of a THeader control is resized.
TShapeTypeTShapeType determines the shape of a TShape control.
TSizeStyleSet of sizing styles specifying the manner in which column size or row size is specified.
TSplitterCanResizeEventTSplitterCanResizeEvent is the type of event handlers that indicate whether a splitter can resize its neighboring controls.
TSysLinkEventEvent routine for click on TCustomLinkLabel HTML link.
TSysLinkTypeTSysLinkType describes an HTML link type.


DefaultCategoryPanelHeightDefaultCategoryPanelHeight: Integer = $C8;
NoColorSelectedNoColorSelected: TColor = $FF000000;