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Package vcl270.bpl


EInvalidGraphicEInvalidGraphic is the exception class for unrecognized graphic files.
EInvalidGraphicOperationEInvalidGraphicOperation is the exception class for illegal operations on graphics.
IChangeNotifierIChangeNotifier is the interface used for responding to status changes.
TBitmapTBitmap is an encapsulation of a Windows bitmap (HBITMAP), including its palette (HPALETTE).
TBitmapImageTBitmapImage is the internal representation of the bitmap image for a TBitmap object.
TBrushTBrush represents the color and pattern used to fill solid shapes.
TBrushRecallTBrushRecall saves and restores a TBrush object.
TCanvasTCanvas provides an abstract drawing space for objects that must render their own images.
TCustomCanvasDefines an abstract base class for other canvas objects.
TFontTFont encapsulates a system font.
TFontRecallTFontRecall saves and restores the properties of a TFont object.
TGraphicTGraphic is the abstract base class type for objects such as icons, bitmaps, and metafiles that can store and display visual images.
TGraphicClassTGraphicClass defines the metaclass for TGraphic.
TGraphicsObjectTGraphicsObject is the abstract base class for objects which encapsulate a system graphics object: TBrush, TFont, and TPen.
TIconTIcon is an encapsulation of a Windows icon.
TIconImageTIconImage is the internal representation of the bitmap image for a TIcon object.
TMetafileTMetafile is an encapsulation of the Win32 Enhanced metafile.
TMetafileCanvasTMetafileCanvas allows applications to create metafile images from scratch.
TMetafileImageTMetafileImage is the internal representation of the metafile image for a TMetafile object.
TPenTPen is used to draw lines or outline shapes on a canvas.
TPenRecallTPenRecall saves and restores the properties of a TPen object.
TPictureTPicture contains a bitmap, icon, metafile graphic, or user-defined graphic.
TSharedImageTSharedImage is the base class for classes that contain images used for graphics objects.
TWICImageTWICImage is an encapsulation of a Microsoft Windows Imaging Component.


AllocPatternBitmapCreates a TBitmap filled with a pattern.
CharsetToIdentObtains the name of a character set.
ColorToIdentProvides the symbolic name of a TColor value.
ColorToRGBConverts a TColor value into an RGB representation of the color.
ColorToStringReturns a string that represents the name of a TColor value.
CopyPaletteCreates a new palette object that matches an existing palette.
CreateGrayMappedBmpRemaps the standard gray colors in a bitmap with the system grays.
CreateGrayMappedResRemaps the standard gray colors in a bitmap resource with the system grays.
CreateMappedBmpChanges the color table in a bitmap.
CreateMappedResChanges the color table in a bitmap resource.
FreeMemoryContextsFrees memory device contexts.
GetCharsetValuesPasses the name of every predefined character set string to a callback function.
GetColorValuesPasses the name of every predefined color constant to a callback function.
GetDefFontCharSetReturns the character set of the default system font.
GetDIBReturns the info header and image for a device independent bitmap.
GetDIBSizesReturns the size of the info header and of the image for a device independent bitmap.
GraphicExtensionReturns the default file-name extension of a graphics object.
GraphicFileMaskReturns a file mask that specifies the valid extensions for a graphic class.
GraphicFilterReturns a filter string for the Filter property of Open or Save dialog boxes.
IdentToCharsetTranslates the name of a character set constant to the corresponding character set.
IdentToColorTranslates the name of a color constant to the corresponding TColor value.
StringToColorTranslates a string representation of a color to the corresponding TColor value.


HENHMETAFILEMeta file handle type.
HMETAFILEHMETAFILE is the Windows handle to a TMetafile object.
PColorPColor is a pointer to a TColor type.
TAlphaFormatTAlphaFormat indicates how the reserved byte of each pixel is used in a 32 bit bitmap.
TBitmapHandleTypeTBitmapHandleType indicates the format used to store the in-memory image of a bitmap.
TBrushStyleTBrushStyle specifies the pattern on a brush.
TCanvasOrientationTCanvasOrientation specifies the pixel coordinate system that a canvas uses.
TCanvasStateRepresents a set of states a canvas satisfies.
TCanvasStatesEnumerates the states a canvas can satisfy.
TColorTColor is used to specify the color of a Windows-only control.
TCopyModeTCopyMode specifies how a graphical image is copied onto a canvas.
TFillStyleTFillStyle indicates the type of color change defines the boundary of a possibly non-rectangular region n a canvas.
TFontCharsetTFontCharset represents the character set of a font.
TFontNameTFontName is a string that holds the typeface name of a font.
TFontPitchTFontPitch indicates whether the characters in a font have the same width.
TFontQualityFont quality enumeration.
TFontStyleTFontStyle and TFontStyles specify style characteristics of a font.
TFontStylesTFontStyle and TFontStyles specify style characteristics of a font.
TPenModeTPenMode indicates how the color of a pen interacts with the color of a canvas.
TPenStyleTPenStyle indicates the type of line a pen draws.
TPixelFormatTPixelFormat specifies the format of a bitmap.
TProgressEventTProgressEvent is the type of event handlers that provide feedback during lengthy operations.
TProgressStageTProgressStage indicates the stage of a lengthy operation.
TTextFormatTTextFormat indicates how a text viewer control displays its contents.
TTextFormatsTTextFormats indicates how a text viewer control displays its contents.
TTransparentModeTTransparentMode indicates how the transparent color of a bitmap is determined.
TWICImageFormatEnumerates the possible image formats for a WIC image.


DDBsOnlyDetermines whether bitmap handles are created as device-dependent bitmaps (DDB).
SystemPalette16Contains the 16 VGA system colors.


cl3DDkShadowcl3DDkShadow: TColor = $FF000015;
cl3DLightcl3DLight: TColor = $FF000016;
clActiveBorderclActiveBorder: TColor = $FF00000A;
clActiveCaptionclActiveCaption: TColor = $FF000002;
clAppWorkSpaceclAppWorkSpace: TColor = $FF00000C;
clAquaclAqua: TColor = $FFFF00;
clBackgroundclBackground: TColor = $FF000001;
clBlackclBlack: TColor = 0;
clBlueclBlue: TColor = $FF0000;
clBtnFaceclBtnFace: TColor = $FF00000F;
clBtnHighlightclBtnHighlight: TColor = $FF000014;
clBtnShadowclBtnShadow: TColor = $FF000010;
clBtnTextclBtnText: TColor = $FF000012;
clCaptionTextclCaptionText: TColor = $FF000009;
clCreamclCream: TColor = $F0FBFF;
clDefaultclDefault: TColor = $20000000;
clDkGrayclDkGray: TColor = $808080;
clFuchsiaclFuchsia: TColor = $FF00FF;
clGradientActiveCaptionclGradientActiveCaption: TColor = $FF00001B;
clGradientInactiveCaptionclGradientInactiveCaption: TColor = $FF00001C;
clGrayclGray: TColor = $808080;
clGrayTextclGrayText: TColor = $FF000011;
clGreenclGreen: TColor = $8000;
clHighlightclHighlight: TColor = $FF00000D;
clHighlightTextclHighlightText: TColor = $FF00000E;
clHotLightclHotLight: TColor = $FF00001A;
clInactiveBorderclInactiveBorder: TColor = $FF00000B;
clInactiveCaptionclInactiveCaption: TColor = $FF000003;
clInactiveCaptionTextclInactiveCaptionText: TColor = $FF000013;
clInfoBkclInfoBk: TColor = $FF000018;
clInfoTextclInfoText: TColor = $FF000017;
clLimeclLime: TColor = $FF00;
clLtGrayclLtGray: TColor = $C0C0C0;
clMaroonclMaroon: TColor = $80;
clMedGrayclMedGray: TColor = $A4A0A0;
clMenuclMenu: TColor = $FF000004;
clMenuBarclMenuBar: TColor = $FF00001E;
clMenuHighlightclMenuHighlight: TColor = $FF00001D;
clMenuTextclMenuText: TColor = $FF000007;
clMoneyGreenclMoneyGreen: TColor = $C0DCC0;
clNavyclNavy: TColor = $800000;
clNoneclNone: TColor = $1FFFFFFF;
clOliveclOlive: TColor = $8080;
clPurpleclPurple: TColor = $800080;
clRedclRed: TColor = $FF;
clScrollBarclScrollBar: TColor = $FF000000;
clSilverclSilver: TColor = $C0C0C0;
clSkyBlueclSkyBlue: TColor = $F0CAA6;
clSystemColorclSystemColor: Integer = $FF000000;
clTealclTeal: TColor = $808000;
clWebAliceBlueclWebAliceBlue: TColor = $FFF8F0;
clWebAntiqueWhiteclWebAntiqueWhite: TColor = $D7EBFA;
clWebAquaclWebAqua: TColor = $FFFF00;
clWebAquamarineclWebAquamarine: TColor = $D4FF7F;
clWebAzureclWebAzure: TColor = $FFFFF0;
clWebBeigeclWebBeige: TColor = $DCF5F5;
clWebBisqueclWebBisque: TColor = $C4E4FF;
clWebBlackclWebBlack: TColor = 0;
clWebBlanchedAlmondclWebBlanchedAlmond: TColor = $CDEBFF;
clWebBlueclWebBlue: TColor = $FF0000;
clWebBlueVioletclWebBlueViolet: TColor = $E22B8A;
clWebBrownclWebBrown: TColor = $2A2AA5;
clWebBurlywoodclWebBurlywood: TColor = $87B8DE;
clWebCadetBlueclWebCadetBlue: TColor = $A09E5F;
clWebChartreuseclWebChartreuse: TColor = $FF7F;
clWebChocolateclWebChocolate: TColor = $1E69D2;
clWebCoralclWebCoral: TColor = $507FFF;
clWebCornFlowerBlueclWebCornFlowerBlue: TColor = $ED9564;
clWebCornSilkclWebCornSilk: TColor = $DCF8FF;
clWebCrimsonclWebCrimson: TColor = $3C14DC;
clWebCyanclWebCyan: TColor = $FFFF00;
clWebDarkBlueclWebDarkBlue: TColor = $8B0000;
clWebDarkCyanclWebDarkCyan: TColor = $8B8B00;
clWebDarkGoldenRodclWebDarkGoldenRod: TColor = $B86B8;
clWebDarkGrayclWebDarkGray: TColor = $A9A9A9;
clWebDarkgreenclWebDarkgreen: TColor = $6400;
clWebDarkKhakiclWebDarkKhaki: TColor = $6BB7BD;
clWebDarkMagentaclWebDarkMagenta: TColor = $8B008B;
clWebDarkOliveGreenclWebDarkOliveGreen: TColor = $2F6B55;
clWebDarkOrangeclWebDarkOrange: TColor = $8CFF;
clWebDarkOrchidclWebDarkOrchid: TColor = $CC3299;
clWebDarkRedclWebDarkRed: TColor = $8B;
clWebDarkSalmonclWebDarkSalmon: TColor = $7A96E9;
clWebDarkSeaGreenclWebDarkSeaGreen: TColor = $8FBC8F;
clWebDarkSlateBlueclWebDarkSlateBlue: TColor = $8B3D48;
clWebDarkSlategrayclWebDarkSlategray: TColor = $4F4F2F;
clWebDarkTurquoiseclWebDarkTurquoise: TColor = $D1CE00;
clWebDarkVioletclWebDarkViolet: TColor = $D30094;
clWebDeepPinkclWebDeepPink: TColor = $9314FF;
clWebDeepskyBlueclWebDeepskyBlue: TColor = $FFBF00;
clWebDimGrayclWebDimGray: TColor = $696969;
clWebDodgerBlueclWebDodgerBlue: TColor = $FF901E;
clWebFirebrickclWebFirebrick: TColor = $2222B2;
clWebFloralWhiteclWebFloralWhite: TColor = $F0FAFF;
clWebForestGreenclWebForestGreen: TColor = $228B22;
clWebFuchsiaclWebFuchsia: TColor = $FF00FF;
clWebGainsboroclWebGainsboro: TColor = $DCDCDC;
clWebGhostWhiteclWebGhostWhite: TColor = $FFF8F8;
clWebGoldclWebGold: TColor = $D7FF;
clWebGoldenRodclWebGoldenRod: TColor = $20A5DA;
clWebGrayclWebGray: TColor = $808080;
clWebGreenclWebGreen: TColor = $8000;
clWebGreenYellowclWebGreenYellow: TColor = $2FFFAD;
clWebHoneydewclWebHoneydew: TColor = $F0FFF0;
clWebHotPinkclWebHotPink: TColor = $B469FF;
clWebIndianRedclWebIndianRed: TColor = $5C5CCD;
clWebIndigoclWebIndigo: TColor = $82004B;
clWebIvoryclWebIvory: TColor = $F0FFFF;
clWebKhakiclWebKhaki: TColor = $8CE6F0;
clWebLavenderclWebLavender: TColor = $FAE6E6;
clWebLavenderBlushclWebLavenderBlush: TColor = $F5F0FF;
clWebLawnGreenclWebLawnGreen: TColor = $FC7C;
clWebLemonChiffonclWebLemonChiffon: TColor = $CDFAFF;
clWebLightBlueclWebLightBlue: TColor = $E6D8AD;
clWebLightCoralclWebLightCoral: TColor = $8080F0;
clWebLightCyanclWebLightCyan: TColor = $FFFFE0;
clWebLightGoldenrodYellowclWebLightGoldenrodYellow: TColor = $D2FAFA;
clWebLightGreenclWebLightGreen: TColor = $90EE90;
clWebLightgreyclWebLightgrey: TColor = $D3D3D3;
clWebLightPinkclWebLightPink: TColor = $C1B6FF;
clWebLightSalmonclWebLightSalmon: TColor = $7AA0FF;
clWebLightSeaGreenclWebLightSeaGreen: TColor = $AAB220;
clWebLightSkyBlueclWebLightSkyBlue: TColor = $FACE87;
clWebLightSlateGrayclWebLightSlateGray: TColor = $998877;
clWebLightSteelBlueclWebLightSteelBlue: TColor = $DEC4B0;
clWebLightYellowclWebLightYellow: TColor = $E0FFFF;
clWebLimeclWebLime: TColor = $FF00;
clWebLimeGreenclWebLimeGreen: TColor = $32CD32;
clWebLinenclWebLinen: TColor = $E6F0FA;
clWebMagentaclWebMagenta: TColor = $FF00FF;
clWebMaroonclWebMaroon: TColor = $80;
clWebMediumAquamarineclWebMediumAquamarine: TColor = $AACD66;
clWebMediumBlueclWebMediumBlue: TColor = $CD0000;
clWebMediumOrchidclWebMediumOrchid: TColor = $D355BA;
clWebMediumPurpleclWebMediumPurple: TColor = $DB7093;
clWebMediumSeaGreenclWebMediumSeaGreen: TColor = $71B33C;
clWebMediumSlateBlueclWebMediumSlateBlue: TColor = $EE687B;
clWebMediumSpringGreenclWebMediumSpringGreen: TColor = $9AFA00;
clWebMediumTurquoiseclWebMediumTurquoise: TColor = $CCD148;
clWebMediumVioletRedclWebMediumVioletRed: TColor = $8515C7;
clWebMidnightBlueclWebMidnightBlue: TColor = $701919;
clWebMintcreamclWebMintcream: TColor = $FAFFF5;
clWebMistyRoseclWebMistyRose: TColor = $E1E4FF;
clWebMoccasinclWebMoccasin: TColor = $B5E4FF;
clWebNavajoWhiteclWebNavajoWhite: TColor = $ADDEFF;
clWebNavyclWebNavy: TColor = $800000;
clWebOldLaceclWebOldLace: TColor = $E6F5FD;
clWebOliveclWebOlive: TColor = $8080;
clWebOliveDrabclWebOliveDrab: TColor = $238E6B;
clWebOrangeclWebOrange: TColor = $A5FF;
clWebOrangeRedclWebOrangeRed: TColor = $45FF;
clWebOrchidclWebOrchid: TColor = $D670DA;
clWebPaleGoldenrodclWebPaleGoldenrod: TColor = $AAE8EE;
clWebPaleGreenclWebPaleGreen: TColor = $98FB98;
clWebPaleTurquoiseclWebPaleTurquoise: TColor = $EEEEAF;
clWebPaleVioletRedclWebPaleVioletRed: TColor = $9370DB;
clWebPapayaWhipclWebPapayaWhip: TColor = $D5EFFF;
clWebPeachPuffclWebPeachPuff: TColor = $B9DAFF;
clWebPeruclWebPeru: TColor = $3F85CD;
clWebPinkclWebPink: TColor = $CBC0FF;
clWebPlumclWebPlum: TColor = $DDA0DD;
clWebPowderBlueclWebPowderBlue: TColor = $E6E0B0;
clWebPurpleclWebPurple: TColor = $800080;
clWebRedclWebRed: TColor = $FF;
clWebRosyBrownclWebRosyBrown: TColor = $8F8FBC;
clWebRoyalBlueclWebRoyalBlue: TColor = $E16941;
clWebSaddleBrownclWebSaddleBrown: TColor = $13458B;
clWebSalmonclWebSalmon: TColor = $7280FA;
clWebSandyBrownclWebSandyBrown: TColor = $60A4F4;
clWebSeaGreenclWebSeaGreen: TColor = $578B2E;
clWebSeashellclWebSeashell: TColor = $EEF5FF;
clWebSiennaclWebSienna: TColor = $2D52A0;
clWebSilverclWebSilver: TColor = $C0C0C0;
clWebSkyBlueclWebSkyBlue: TColor = $EBCE87;
clWebSlateBlueclWebSlateBlue: TColor = $CD5A6A;
clWebSlateGrayclWebSlateGray: TColor = $908070;
clWebSnowclWebSnow: TColor = $FAFAFF;
clWebSpringGreenclWebSpringGreen: TColor = $7FFF00;
clWebSteelBlueclWebSteelBlue: TColor = $B48246;
clWebTanclWebTan: TColor = $8CB4D2;
clWebTealclWebTeal: TColor = $808000;
clWebThistleclWebThistle: TColor = $D8BFD8;
clWebTomatoclWebTomato: TColor = $4763FF;
clWebTurquoiseclWebTurquoise: TColor = $D0E040;
clWebVioletclWebViolet: TColor = $EE82EE;
clWebWheatclWebWheat: TColor = $B3DEF5;
clWebWhiteclWebWhite: TColor = $FFFFFF;
clWebWhiteSmokeclWebWhiteSmoke: TColor = $F5F5F5;
clWebYellowclWebYellow: TColor = $FFFF;
clWebYellowGreenclWebYellowGreen: TColor = $32CD9A;
clWhiteclWhite: TColor = $FFFFFF;
clWindowclWindow: TColor = $FF000005;
clWindowFrameclWindowFrame: TColor = $FF000006;
clWindowTextclWindowText: TColor = $FF000008;
clYellowclYellow: TColor = $FFFF;
cmBlacknesscmBlackness: Integer = $42;
cmDstInvertcmDstInvert: Integer = $550009;
cmMergeCopycmMergeCopy: Integer = $C000CA;
cmMergePaintcmMergePaint: Integer = $BB0226;
cmNotSrcCopycmNotSrcCopy: Integer = $330008;
cmNotSrcErasecmNotSrcErase: Integer = $1100A6;
cmPatCopycmPatCopy: Integer = $F00021;
cmPatInvertcmPatInvert: Integer = $5A0049;
cmPatPaintcmPatPaint: Integer = $FB0A09;
cmSrcAndcmSrcAnd: Integer = $8800C6;
cmSrcCopycmSrcCopy: Integer = $CC0020;
cmSrcErasecmSrcErase: Integer = $440328;
cmSrcInvertcmSrcInvert: Integer = $660046;
cmSrcPaintcmSrcPaint: Integer = $EE0086;
cmWhitenesscmWhiteness: Integer = $FF0062;
ExtendedColorsCountExtendedColorsCount: Integer = 4;
rc3_Cursorrc3_Cursor: Integer = 2;
rc3_Iconrc3_Icon: Integer = 1;
rc3_StockIconrc3_StockIcon: Integer = 0;
StandardColorsCountStandardColorsCount: Integer = $10;
WebColorsCountWebColorsCount: Integer = $8C;