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property Content: string read GetContent write SetContent;


__property System::UnicodeString Content = {read=GetContent, write=SetContent};


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
property public
Web.HTTPApp TWebResponse


Contains the information received by the web client in response to an HTTP request message.

Read the Content to access the information received by the web client. Not every HTTP request message requires content to be returned. For example, responses to requests with a Method of OPTIONS, HEAD, POST, PUT, DELETE, or TRACE might not include any Content. In all these cases, the response information is contained entirely in the response header, which is built from the other properties of the TWebResponse object.

The response content can be a string of HTML commands, the name of an HTML file, graphic content such as a bit-stream, or any other MIME content type.

Note: If the ContentStream property is set, it supersedes the value of the Content property. If both Content and ContentStream are set, the web client is sent the value of the ContentStream, not the value of the Content property.

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