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property Kind: TRESTRequestParameterKind read FKind write SetKind stored KindIsStored;


__property Rest::Types::TRESTRequestParameterKind Kind = {read=FKind, write=SetKind, stored=KindIsStored, nodefault};


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
property published
REST.Client TRESTRequestParameter


Specifies the type of this parameter.

The parameter type can take any of the following values of the TRESTRequestParameterKind enumerator:

  • pkCOOKIE: Parameter is put into a cookie.
  • pkGETorPOST: Parameter is sent as a URL parameter (for GET requests) or as a body parameter (for POST/PUT requests).
  • pkURLSEGMENT: Parameter is used as value for a URL segment. A URL segment can be defined in a request resource path: customer/{ID}.
  • pkHTTPHEADER: Parameter is put in the HTTP header of the request.
  • pkREQUESTBODY: The parameter value is used as a request body. If more than one parameter of this kind exists, the request use a multi-part body.