System.Rtti.TRttiMethod Properties

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CallingConventionpublicSpecifies the method's calling convention.
CodeAddresspublicSpecifies the address to the actual code.
DispatchKindpublicSpecifies the method's dispatch kind.
DisposedprotectedDisposed is a read-only property that shows the current state of this object.
HandlepublicSpecifies a pointer to the RTTI information block in the executable image.
HasExtendedInfopublicSpecifies whether the method provides extended information.
IsClassMethodpublicSpecifies whether the method is a class method.
IsConstructorpublicSpecifies whether the method is a constructor.
IsDestructorpublicSpecifies whether the method is a destructor.
IsStaticpublicSpecifies whether the method is a static method.
MethodKindpublicSpecifies the method kind.
NamepublicSpecifies the name of the reflected entity.
PackagepublicSpecifies the package in which the reflected object is located.
ParentpublicSpecifies the type from which the member is part of.
ReturnTypepublicSpecifies the return type of the method.
RttiDataSizepublicSpecifies the size of the RTTI information block.
VirtualIndexpublicSpecifies the virtual index of the method.
VisibilitypublicSpecifies the member's visibility modifier.