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Header File

errno.h, stdio.h


Diagnostic Routines, Input/output Routines


void perror(const char *s);

void _wperror(const wchar_t *s);


Prints a system error message.

perror prints to the stderr stream (normally the console) the system error message for the last library routine that set the global variable errno.

It prints the argument s followed by a colon (:) and the message corresponding to the current value of the global variable errno and finally a new line. The convention is to pass the file name of the program as the argument string.

The array of error message strings is accessed through the global variable _sys_errlist. The global variable errno can be used as an index into the array to find the string corresponding to the error number. None of the strings include a newline character.

The global variable _sys_nerr contains the number of entries in the array.

The following messages are generated by perror:

Remarque :  For Win32 GUI applications, stderr must be redirected.

Arg list too big

Attempted to remove current directory

Bad address

Bad file number

Block device required

Broken pipe

Cross-device link

Error 0

Exec format error

Executable file in use

File already exists

File too large

Illegal seek

Inappropriate I/O control operation

Input/output error

Interrupted function call

Invalid access code

Invalid argument Resource busy

Invalid dataResource temporarily unavailable

Invalid environment

Invalid format

Invalid function number

Invalid memory block address

Is a directory

Math argument

Memory arena trashed

Name too long

No child processes

No more files

No space left on device

No such device

No such device or address

No such file or directory

No such process

Not a directory

Not enough memory

Not same device

Operation not permitted

Path not found

Permission denied

Possible deadlock

Read-only file system

Resource busy

Resource temporarily unavailable

Result too large

Too many links

Too many open files


 #include <stdio.h>
 int main(void)
     FILE *fp;
     fp = fopen("perror.dat", "r");
     if (!fp)
        perror("Unable to open file for reading");
     return 0;