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Header File

tchar.h, mbstring.h


Memory and String Manipulation Routines


unsigned int _strnextc(const char *str);

unsigned int _mbsnextc (const unsigned char *str);


These routines should be accessed by using the portable _tcsnextc function. The functions inspect the current character in str. The pointer to str is not advanced.

Return Value

The functions return the integer value of the character pointed to by str.


 #include <tchar.h>
 #include <stdio.h>
 int main()
    unsigned int retval = 0;
    const unsigned char *string = "ABC";
    retval = _strnextc(string);
    printf("The starting character:%c", retval);
    retval = _strnextc(++string);
    printf("\nThe next character:%c", retval);
    return 0;
 The starting character:A
 The next character:B