Adding a Certificate to a Keystore File

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Go Up to Completing the Provisioning Page

To add a signing certificate to an existing keystore file:

  1. Open the Create a new Keystore/Alias wizard:
    1. Select Tools > Options > Environment Options > Provisioning.
    2. In the Build Type field, select the Android - Application Store build type.
    3. Click Add Alias.
  2. On the New key alias information page enter the data about your new certificate:
    1. In Alias, enter a name that uniquely identifies your new certificate.
    2. In Password, enter and Confirm a password to protect your new certificate.
    3. Optionally, change the value in Validity (days) and fill the remaining fields.
    4. Click Finish to add your new certificate to your keystore file.

RAD Studio automatically selects your new certificate in the Provisioning page.

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