Declare Field

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Go Up to Refactor Menu

Refactor > Declare Field (Shift+Ctrl+D)

Use this dialog box to declare a field in your code.

Item Description

Current Class

Displays the class from which the field will be derived.

Field Name

Displays the name of the field to be declared. By default the name you typed in the Code Editor is displayed. If you enter an invalid name in this field, such as a reserved word, an exclamation icon Exclamation Icon is displayed in the dialog box, prompting you to correct the error.


Specifies the data type of the field.


Specifies that the field should be declared a an array.


Specifies the dimensions for the array.


Specifies the accessibility of the field. If the value in Field Name conflicts with an existing field name in the same scope, the Refactorings dialog box is displayed, indicating the conflict.

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