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Go Up to Application Options

Project > Options > Application > Forms

Use this page to select the main form for the current forms project and to choose which of the available forms are automatically created when your application begins.

Item Description

Main form:

Indicates which form users see when they start your application. Use the drop-down list to select the main form for the project. The main form is the first form listed in the Auto-create forms list box.

Auto-create forms:

Lists the forms that are automatically added to the startup code of the project file and created at run time. These forms are automatically created and displayed when you first run your application. You can rearrange the create order of forms by dragging and dropping forms to a new location. To select multiple forms, hold down the SHIFT key while selecting the form names.

Available forms:

Lists those forms that are used by your application but are not automatically created. If you want to create an instance of one of these forms, you must call its Create method.

Arrow buttons

Use the arrow buttons to move files from one list box to the other. The < and > buttons move single files; the << and >> buttons move the entire set of files from one list box to the other.