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The RAD Studio help is available both online and offline:

  • The help is created online, in a docwiki.
  • An offline version of the docwiki is delivered with RAD Studio in CHM format.

The help includes conceptual overviews, procedural how-to's, and reference information, allowing you to navigate from general to more specific information as needed.

Types of Help Content

Conceptual Overviews

Overview topics provide information about product architecture, components, and tools that simplify development. If you are new to a particular area of development, such as modeling or ADO.NET, see the overview topic at the beginning of each section in the online Help.

At the end of most of the overviews, you will find links to related, more detailed information. Icons are used to indicate that a link leads to the partner Help or to a web site. The icons are explained later in this topic.

Procedures (How-To)

The how-to procedures provide step-by-step instructions. For development tasks that include several subtasks, there are core procedures, which include the subtasks required to accomplish a larger task. If you are beginning a development project and want to know what steps are involved, see the core procedure for the area you are working on. In addition to the core procedures, there are several single-task procedures.

All the procedures are listed near their related overview topics in the Contents pane of the Help window. Additionally, most of the conceptual overviews provide links to the pertinent procedures.

Reference Topics

The reference topics provide detailed information on subjects such as API elements, the Delphi language, the C++ language, and compiler directives and messages.

Reference topics are located under specific top-level sections in the Contents pane of the Help window, such as Delphi Language Reference and C++ Reference. Additionally, most API references are underlined and link directly to the appropriate reference topic.

Developer Support Services and Web Site

Embarcadero offers a variety of support options to meet the needs of its diverse developer community. To find out about support, refer to From the web site, you can access many newsgroups where developers exchange information, tips, and techniques. The site also includes a list of books, technical documents, and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ). Additionally, you can access the Embarcadero Developer Network at


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