How To Use a Version Control System in the IDE

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Go Up to History Manager

This section contains procedure topics that describe tasks you can perform using the version control system in RAD Studio.

Version Control Information Is Available By Default

Opening a versioned file in the IDE (a file that is under version control by a version control system: Subversion, Git or Mercurial) displays the version control information in the History Manager. Here and on the Projects Window, you can invoke common version control tasks (such as Update (Subversion), Commit (Subversion), Commit (Git) or Commit (Mercurial)) when you are working with files in a repository.


Equivalent commands

Subversion Repository Actions

Git Repository Actions

Mercurial Repository Actions

Log and History Actions

Difference View Actions

Reverting Changes

Merge View Actions (Subversion only)

Solving Repository Problems (Subversion only)

Using Change Lists (Subversion only)

Dialog Boxes and Panes

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