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Go Up to Tool Windows Index

View > Tool Windows > Object Inspector

The Object Inspector displays the names and current values of the properties and events associated with the selected object.

Use the Object Inspector to examine and edit the properties and events for the currently selected object or objects. F11 reopens the Object Inspector.

F11 moves the focus to the filter box on the Object Inspector, and toggles between the Object Inspector and the last active form or Code Editor file.

Use the Object Inspector to edit property values and event-handler links.

Tab Description


Displays the properties for the selected object on a form.

See Properties page.


Displays the events for the selected object on a form.

See Events page.

Context Menu

Right-click the Object Inspector to display the following commands.

Item Description


Filters the display of properties or events. The available options varies depending on the selected object.


Sorts the properties or events by name or by category.


Allows full customization of the Object Inspector layout.

Revert to Inherited

Changes the property setting back to its original, inherited value.


Expands the selected property or event.


Collapses the selected property or event.


Displays the Help topic.


Displays the Object Inspector Properties dialog box, allowing you to change the appearance of the Object Inspector. You can also access the properties at Tools > Options > Environment Options > Object Inspector

For more information see Object Inspector (Options).

Stay on Top

Displays the Object Inspector on top of the desktop when other windows are displayed.


Enables drag-and-dock behavior for the Object Inspector.

Object Inspector Customization

Customize the Object Inspector using the Show menu on the context menu.

The new Show option allows you to show or hide different parts of the Object Inspector.

Show Menu Options

Item Description

Instance List

Shows or hides the combo box listing the objects from the form.

Filter Box

Shows or hides the filter box.

It allows filtering properties or events. The filter shows all the properties or events which name contains any match with the searching pattern.

Click Esc or the cross icon Cross Filter icon.png on the right to clean the filter.

Quick Action Panel

Shows or hides the Quick Action Panel.

It lists direct actions that can be performed on the selected object on the form.

Description Panel

Shows or hides the Description Panel. This option comes hidden by default.

It shows information about the selected property or event.

Status Bar

Shows or hides the Status bar.

It informs you about the amount of hidden properties. You can hide properties according to their functionallity using the option View from the context menu.

When all the properties are listed, the message All Shown appears.

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