PAServer Archiving File Not Found Error

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When this error occurs, you might get any of the error messages below. Each message corresponds to a different underlying error.

File does not exist: 'path'

This error occurs when you run the Platform Assistant client and you specify a path which does not point to an existing file. The Platform Assistant client expects that one of the parameters inside the string that you associate with the -i or --ipa command-line option points to an existing file.

If you get this error from RAD Studio, go to the Provisioning page, select the target platform configuration (Ad hoc or Application Store) and select a valid Provision Profile. In the remote Mac, ensure that the Mobile Provision file exists in the remote Mobile Provision Path. For more information, see Provisioning Options.

For example, this line triggers the error:

> paclient.exe --ipa=",ProjectName.ipa,'iPhone Distribution',/unexisting/path"

For more information, run the Platform Assistant client either with the -? or with the --help command-line option to see the command-line help, and check the documentation of the -i or --ipa command-line option.

Could not find program, '/usr/bin/xcrun'

You must install the Xcode command-line tools on your Mac. The Xcode command-line tools provide several programs that are required for macOS and iOS application development.

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