Properties That Identify the Purpose of the Request

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The Method property is a string describing what the request message is asking the server application to do. The HTTP 1.1 standard defines the following methods:

Predefined tag names:

Value What the message requests


Information about available communication options.


Information identified by the URL property.


Header information from an equivalent GET message, without the content of the response.


The server application to post the data included in the Content property, as appropriate.


The server application to replace the resource indicated by the URL property with the data included in the Content property.


The server application to delete or hide the resource identified by the URL property.


The server application to send a loop-back to confirm receipt of the request.

The Method property may indicate any other method that the Web client requests of the server.

The Web server application does not need to provide a response for every possible value of Method. The HTTP standard does require that it service both GET and HEAD requests, however.

The MethodType property indicates whether the value of Method is GET (mtGet), HEAD (mtHead), POST (mtPost), PUT (mtPut) or some other string (mtAny). The dispatcher matches the value of the MethodType property with the MethodType of each action item.

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