Runtime Packages (Options)

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Go Up to Packages (Options)

Project > Options > Packages > Runtime Packages

Use this page to specify the run-time packages required by your project.

Options Description

Target, Apply, Save

See Target Options.

Common items

See Common Items on Project Options Pages.

Item Description

Link with runtime packages

Dynamically links the run-time packages in your project.

Default = True for C++, False for Delphi.

Runtime packages

Runtime package import libraries

Determines the run-time packages to use when the executable file is created. To view and edit the list of run-time packages, click the Ellipsis ellipsis button. (Make sure that the Target configuration field is set to the build configuration from which the list is inherited.)

The dialog box displays additional lists of the run-time packages that are associated with different configuration and platform combinations, such as these default values:

Value from "Debug configuration - All platforms"
Value from "All configurations - 32-bit Windows platform"
Value from "All configurations - All platforms"

As packages are installed and uninstalled, the run-time package list is updated. The product automatically adds run-time packages that are required by installed design-time packages.

Ellipsis Ellipsis button

Displays the Runtime packages dialog box, allowing you to add, replace, or delete run-time packages. This dialog box is an <ordered list> dialog box.

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