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Go Up to File Menu

The File menu contains four Save commands that enable you to save your project, specific current files, or all files. This topic describes all four Save commands in the File menu and their associated toolbar buttons.

Best practice is to save your project before running the application.


File > Save

CTRL+S is the shortcut key for Save.

Saves only the module that is currently open in the IDE (and any associated header files):

  • Source file: either .pas or .cpp
  • Form file: either .dfm or .fmx

In the toolbar, the Save button SaveButton.png is always available.

To save all the files in the current project, use Save All.

Save As

File > Save As

Use this dialog box to to save the active file in a specific location or with a different name.

The Save As dialog box is a standard TSaveDialog that displays the current directory and allows you to navigate to a different directory. The dialog box displays a list of the files and directories along with their timestamp, size, and attribute information in several selectable ways: different sizes of icons, a vertical list, details (including time stamp, size, and attribute), and either thumbnails or content.

You can navigate in the Save As dialog box by using the sidebar, the address bar, or navigation buttons to move to the directory where you want to save the active file. To save the active file in a new folder, create the new folder in this dialog box and then open the new folder before clicking Save.

To change the file name, edit the name in the File name field.

The Save as type field displays the type of file you are about to save. All files in the current directory of the selected type appear in the files list. Click the drop-down arrow to select a specific file type to view and save in this dialog box.

Save Project As

File > Save Project As

Saves only the .dproj or .cbproj and supporting files (that is, the .dpk and .dpr or .cpp and .c files of the same name as the project). Does not save the source files.

To save all the files in the current project, use Save All.

Save All

File > Save All

SHIFT+CTRL++S is the shortcut key for Save All.

Saves all files in their current location. For a new project that has not been saved before, the Save <unit> As dialog box is displayed so that you can accept the proposed directory, select another directory, or create a new folder.

The toolbar button for Save All is either enabled or grayed, as shown in the following table:

Toolbar Button Meaning

SaveAllGrayed.png (grayed)

Before you make changes to a project and immediately after a Save All occurs, the Save All button in the toolbar is grayed.

SaveAllEnabled.png (enabled)

After you make unsaved changes to the project, the Save All button is enabled.

Default Save Location for Projects

By default, RAD Studio saves projects to C:\Users\<user>\Documents\Embarcadero\Studio\Projects.

This is a communal location where all project files are saved for all projects unless you specify otherwise.

To save your project in a separate folder, do one of the following:

  • For the initial save, select File > Save, then click New Folder and create the folder for the new project.
  • For later saves, use either Save As or Save Project As.

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