Saving and Registering Type Library Information

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After modifying your type library, you'll want to save and register the type library information.

Saving the type library automatically updates:

  • Both the text-based type library file (.ridl extension) and the binary type library file (.tlb extension).
  • The Project_TLB unit that represents its contents
  • The implementation code for any CoClasses that were generated by a wizard.

Note: The type library is stored as separate text (.RIDL) and binary (.TLB) files, but is also linked into the server (.EXE, DLL, or .OCX).

The Type Library Editor gives you toolbar buttons for storing your type library information:

  • Refresh updates the type library units in memory only.
  • Register adds an entry for the type library in your system's Windows registry. This is done automatically when the associated server is registered.
  • Save as TLB saves the type library as a .tlb file.

All the above methods perform syntax checking. When you refresh, register, or save the type library, Delphi automatically updates the implementation unit of any CoClasses that were created using a wizard.

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