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Selects the gestures to enable on the selected component (supported in VCL, not supported in FireMonkey).

To open this dialog box, click the ellipsis [...] in the Gestures node on the Object Inspector and then click the ellipsis ProjectOptionsEllipsis.jpg. The selected component must be gesture-enabled by having an assigned Vcl.Touch.GestureMgr.TGestureManager.

This dialog box contains the list of available gestures, including the standard gestures (such as Left, Right, and Curlicue) and any custom gestures you have created (using the Custom Gesture Designer).

Item Description

ManageCustomGestures.png Manage custom gestures

Opens the Custom Gestures dialog box, which enables you to create, edit and delete custom gestures.

CheckCustomGestures.png Check all gestures

Selects or checks the box for all the gestures listed in the Select Gestures dialog box.

UncheckCustomGestures.png Uncheck all gestures

Deselects or unchecks the box for all the gestures listed in the Select Gestures dialog box.

TestGestureCOLOR.png Test gesture

Allows you to test or practice entering the custom gesture. Displays the Test Gesture entry box with an animated round blue cursor demonstrating the movement required to make the gesture. The starting point for the gesture is also indicated. The following message is displayed:

Draw the gesture here using a mouse or touch screen

If you attempt to replicate the gesture, but your rendition falls outside the margin of deviation too many times (determined by the Sensitivity setting), the following message is displayed:

Gesture not recognized 

When you draw a gesture that matches the model, the following message appears:

Gesture recognized


The name of the gesture. Untitled appears for custom gestures that have no assigned name.


The ID by which the gesture is known. Standard gestures have assigned IDs, and custom gestures are numbered using -1, -2, and so forth.

Demonstration Field

An animation draws the selected gesture in this area.

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