TDUMP64.EXE, the File Dumping Utility for 64-bit Windows

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TDUMP64.EXE is very similar to TDUMP.EXE in its command options and syntax.

The main differences between TDUMP and TDUMP64 are the acceptable input files, as follows:

  • TDUMP can dump the following 32-bit file types:
    • .obj
    • .exe
    • .lib
    These are 32-bit Windows object, executable, and library files.
  • TDUMP64 can dump the following 64-bit file types:
    • .o
    • .exe
    • .a (library)
    The .o and .a files are 64-bit ELF-format object and library files that are produced by BCC64. The .exe file is a 64-bit Windows executable file.

With these main differences, you use TDUMP and TDUMP64 in the same ways.

For additional information about TDUMP64, consult the TDUMP.EXE, the File Dumping Utility page.

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