Updating Resource Modules

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Go Up to Translation Manager in the IDE

When you add an additional resource, such as a button on a form, you must update your resource modules to reflect your changes.

To update resource modules

  1. Save and build your project. If you are using the External Translation Manager, reopen the saved project.
  2. Update the resource modules:
    • In the IDE's Integrated Translation Manager, choose Project > Languages > Update Localized Projects.
    • In the External Translation Manager, choose Project > Run Updaters (or press F9). Otherwise, click the Projects tab in the left pane, then click the Files tab in the right pane, and then click the Run Updaters icon Run Updaters button (F9).
  3. After updating in the Integrated Translation Manager, rebuild each resource module project by selecting the project in the Project Manager and choosing Project > Compile.

Tip: To simplify this process, you can maintain all the projects, along with the application itself, in a single project group. All projects in the project group can be compiled at once by choosing Project > Compile All Projects.

To deploy an application with updated resource modules

After following the steps described above, follow the subsequent steps:

  1. Start Deployment Manager and:
    • If you already have a list of files that are ready to deploy, update the list, according to your changes.
    • If you have not yet configured a list of files to deploy, add all required application files to the list of files.
  2. Select your target platform and configuration.
  3. Use the Deploy command from the Deployment Manager.

For more information regarding the deployment process, please refer to one of the following topics:

Note: Anytime you perform modifications on the source code or resource modules of an application that requires deploying, you need to redeploy all affected files.

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