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Subscription Update 1 is an update of Delphi Berlin, C++Builder Berlin and RAD Studio Berlin available for any active Update Subscription customer.

Berlin Subscription Update 1 consists of new features, enhancements and bug fixes. Several key new features were added, including native platform rendering support for TGrid on iOS, built-in search filtering for TListView’s dynamic appearance mode, new demos and more. This update also includes support for iOS 10 and macOS Sierra, additional enhancements throughout various product areas and over 250 bug fixes. For a complete list of features and bug fixes, click here.

Note: If you are not an active Update Subscription customer, you cannot install Subscription Update 1.

Obtaining Subscription Update 1

Subscription Update 1 is available as an Installer (Feature Installer) and as an ISO (Offline Installer) from the registered users web page.

The installers for the Subscription Update 1 are available for download from the registered users download pages as follows:

Installing Subscription Update 1

  1. You must uninstall RAD Studio Berlin. If you're using the Feature Installer, use the migration tool to save your settings prior to installing Update 1.
  2. Install Subscription Update 1:
    • If you downloaded the Feature Installer, run the installer.
    • If you downloaded the Offline Installer, mount the ISO and run install_RADStudio.exe.

Installation can be performed through any of the following options:

  • Feature Installer - Lets you select an initial set of RAD Studio features to install, such as support for specific combinations of programming languages and target platforms, language support, or help resources. Go to the Feature Installer for detailed information.
  • Offline Installer - Lets you install RAD Studio on a system that does not have a working internet connection. After you install RAD Studio, the Offline Installer allows you to install additional features or remove installed features. Go to Using the Offline Installer for detailed information.
Note: When the installation finishes, if you are asked to uninstall the Windows SDK, select Cancel. The versions of the Windows SDK in RAD Studio Berlin and RAD Studio Berlin Subscription Update 1 are the same.

Updating the Platform Assistant

The Platform Assistant server is required for cross-platform application development that targets either OS X or iOS. RAD Studio Berlin Subscription Update 1 contains new versions of the Platform Assistant installers (including setup_paserver.exe and PAServer18.0.pkg). The installer files are located in the PAServer folder.

Uninstalling a Previous Version of the Platform Assistant

On the Mac, it is not necessary to uninstall the Platform Assistant, but you can use the Move to Trash command if you want to remove the previous version.

On Windows, use Uninstall PAServer.exe to uninstall the Platform Assistant (recommended). The Uninstall program is located in the installation directory for the Platform Assistant.

Note: Several versions of the Platform Assistant can coexist on a system, as long as you run each version on a different port.

Installing Subscription Update 1 Platform Assistant

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