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Tools > Options > IDE > Compiling and Running

Specifies Compiling and Running configuration preferences.

Item Description

Minimize on run

Minimizes the IDE when you run an application by choosing Run > Run. When you close the application, the IDE is restored. When you run an application without using the debugger, the IDE remains minimized.

Hide designers on run

Hides Designer windows, such as the Object Inspector and Alignment Palette, while the application is running. The windows reappear when the application closes.

Always compile modified projects

In a project group, controls whether only the current active project or all modified projects are compiled when you initiate a build. Default = False (only the current active project is compiled in a Build).

Show compiler progress

Displays the compilation status of your program as it compiles.

Show command line

Displays the command used to compile the project in the Messages window when you compile a project. In a C# environment, displays the command used to compile the project and the content of the response file. The response file lists the compiler options and source files to be compiled.

Background Compilation

Enables background compilation, that is, you can continue working in the IDE while a compilation thread runs. You can also specify the relative priority for the compilation thread for background compiles:

  • Low priority means the IDE will be more responsive, but the background compilation will take longer.
  • Normal is the same priority that is given to any thread. This is the default, and the recommended priority.
  • High priority means that the IDE will be less responsive, and the background compilation will complete more quickly.


Specifies the verbosity level of the build output. Select Quiet, Minimal, Normal, Detailed, or Diagnostics. The build output is written to the Output tab of the Messages window.

Enable unit directory cache

Helps improve both the IDE Code Insight performance and the compiler performance for Delphi. By default, the feature is on.

This feature is particularly useful when units are located on network devices.

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