Accessing Schema Information

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The schema information or metadata includes information about what tables and stored procedures are available on the server and the information about these tables and stored procedures (like the fields of a table, the indexes that are defined, and the parameters a stored procedure uses).

To access schema information

  1. To populate a unidirectional dataset with metadata from the database server, call SetSchemaInfo method to indicate what data you want to see.
  2. Set the type of schema information parameter of SetSchemaInfo method.
  3. Set the name of table or stored procedure parameter of SetSchemaInfo method.
  4. To fetch data after using the dataset for metadata, do one of the following:
    • Set the CommandText property to specify the query, table, or stored procedure from which you want to fetch data.
    • Set the type of schema information to stNoSchema and call SetSchemaInfo method.

      Note: If you choose the second option, the dataset fetches the data specified by the CommandText property.

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