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This topic describes how to use the FireDAC demo applications.


FireDAC has many sample applications, located in the (RAD Studio Demos)\Delphi\Database\FireDAC\Samples folder. Note that in the documentation, demos are referred as FireDAC\Samples\. The folder has the following sub-folders:

  • Getting Started - basic simple demo applications, showing how to connect and execute queries
  • Comp Layer - demo applications for the FireDAC components
  • DBMS Specific - demo applications specific to some DBMS
  • DApt Layer, DatS Layer, GUIx Layer, Moni Layer, Phys Layer, and Stan Layer - advanced demo applications specific to low-level FireDAC APIs.

The sub-folders placed lower in the tree structure are the following:

  • For Comp Layer - demo applications for a specific component
  • For others - demo applications for a specific feature


  • Most of the FireDAC demo applications require the installation of the FireDAC Demo Database. Consequently, you should first install a demo database.
  • A demo application may require some minor adjustments for your Delphi version. In most cases, we recommend you to:
  • Ignore the form loading warnings.
  • Comment out the units not found.

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