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The Samples Repositories on RAD Studio are available in different GitHub repositories, to obtain the latest changes, you can download the code from the Subversion repository on GitHub in different ways.

Samples Repositories Location

If you have installed the Samples with RAD Studio, you can find them in the following folder:

  • C:\Users\Public\Documents\Embarcadero\Studio\21.0\Samples

The samples are separated by language (C++, Delphi). Each sample folder contains the files for one or more RAD Studio projects and includes the project files, source code, form files, and an Information.txt file (a readme file).

Subversion context menu in Project Manager

RAD Studio Subversion Commands

In RAD Studio, right-click an example source file in the Projects Window and choose a Subversion command from the context menu:

  • Commit - to commit your local changes to the project in the GitHub repository
Is only available to users who have read/write permission on the GitHub RAD Studio repository.
  • Update - to download the latest code changes from GitHub to your local copy
Anyone can update their samples and mobile code snippets from GitHub.
  • Browse repository - to open a browser to view and navigate the GitHub repository
Anyone can browse the GitHub repository.
  • Revert - to revert local changes
Anyone can revert changes on their local copy.

GitHub repositories

If you haven't installed the Samples with RAD Studio, you can manually check out the latest with the links below, using either Git or SVN.

as listed below. The samples on GitHub get regularly updated in:

For RAD Studio 10.4 and 10.4.1, you will find software samples into:

You may only use this software if you are an authorized licensee of an Embarcadero developer tools product. This software is considered a Redistributable as defined in the software license agreement that comes with the Embarcadero Products and is governed by the terms of such software license agreement