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BCCOSX is the RAD Studio C++ compiler for OS X.

General Information

Field Value
Calling Conventions C
Name Mangling Borland
Standard Library Dinkumware

Output Files

File Type File Extension File Format
Executable Mach-O
Shared Executable .dylib Mach-O
Static Library .a ar
Compiled Object .o ELF

BCCOSX Is Closely Related to BCC32

In general, using BCCOSX is identical to using BCC32. However, BCCOSX does not support structured exception handling, which is Windows-specific.

Writing C++ Code for BCCOSX

To write C++ code specifically for BCCOSX, use:

#if defined(__BORLANDC__) && !defined(__clang__) && defined(__MACH__) && defined(__i386__)
    // Your code.

For more information, see Clang-enhanced C++ Compilers, Predefined Macros.

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