Creating the User Interface (FireMonkey 3D Tutorial)

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Creating a FireMonkey 3D Application

  1. Select File > New > Multi-Device Application - Delphi. On the Multi-Device Application wizard, choose 3D Application and press the OK button.
  2. The Form Designer appears, displaying a FMX.Forms.TForm3D.

Adding and Adjusting Components

  1. From the Tool Palette, add the following FireMonkey 3D components (by entering the component name in the Search field and pressing Return):
    3D Form.png
  2. In the Form Designer, adjust the position and size of the FireMonkey 3D components to suit your needs:
    • To move an object, simply drag and drop.
    • To rotate a 3D component, use the three blue handles that appear when you click the component. Each handle rotates the component in the associated plane in space (that is, the x, y, or z vertex). When you click a handle, it becomes red to indicate that it is the active handle. Note: You can also use the RotationAngle properties in the Object Inspector (x, y, and z).
    • To resize a component, use the resizer control, which is a small blue cube located on one corner of the component. The resizer works in one dimension at a time; the resizer is red on the side of the cube that is the selected (active) dimension. Note: You can also use the properties in the Object Inspector (for TCube, the size-related properties are Depth, Width, and Height).
  3. To change the material of the two cubes:
    1. Add a TTextureMaterialSource to the form.
    2. Add a TLightMaterialSource to the form.
  4. The result at design time is shown in the following image.
    3D Components Design time.png
  5. At this point, you can click F9 to compile, build, and run your first FireMonkey 3D application.
    3D Components Run time.png


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