Object Inspector Keyboard Shortcuts

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Object Inspector shortcuts:

Keyboard Command Description
Up / Down Arrow Keys and Tab Selects properties or event handlers.
Left / Right Arrow Keys Edits the Value or Event column in the Object Inspector. Also expands/contracts a selected property when focus is in the Name column.
Tab Toggles between the Name and Value columns in the Object Inspector.
Tab+<letter> Starts an incremental search on the Name column of properties and events. Use the backspace key to delete characters of your search pattern.
Ctrl+Tab Toggles between the Properties and Events tabs in the Object Inspector.
Page Up Moves up one screen of properties.
Page Down Moves down one screen of properties.
Alt+F10 Displays context menu.
Alt+Down Opens a drop-down list for a property.
Ctrl+Down arrow key Opens the object list dropdown.
Ctrl+Enter Selects and activates the ellipsis button ProjectOptionsEllipsis.jpg if it is available in a selected property.
F11 Toggles between the Object Inspector and the last active Form Designer or Code Editor file.
Esc Cleans the Filter Box when it has focus. In other cases:
  • Undoes current edition changes in a property value.
  • Clears the search pattern while Name column is focused and some text is typed.

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