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Online Help for RAD Studio XE
(Delphi® XE and C++Builder® XE)

Welcome to the online help for Embarcadero® RAD Studio, a full-featured integrated development environment for creating Windows applications. Use this help system to find conceptual, procedural, and reference information about RAD Studio.

In this help, references to the RAD Studio product typically refer only to Delphi and C++Builder:

What's New

See What's New in Delphi and C++Builder XE for descriptions of the latest product features.

You Can Participate in the Docwiki

The RAD Studio help system is generated from the pages of the Documentation Wiki. You are invited to contribute to our documentation by submitting your comments, questions, and input to the Read the wiki Terms of Use.

  • To obtain a wiki account, click Login/Create Account at the top right corner of the wiki page.
  • To submit comments or questions, click the Discussion tab at the top of the window displaying a topic of interest to you.
  • If you would like to edit content pages directly and create new pages, contact

How the Help Is Organized

The major divisions of the help are shown in the Contents pane (in the help viewer) or on the Navigation bar at the left side of the screen (on the docwiki). The new top-level organization is based on subject matter (not, as before, on names such as Common or Win32). The groups of topics below the top level, however, are very similar to the groups in previous RAD Studio help systems.

Take a look:

Library Name Who Should Read / Level of Material
(introductory, conceptual, how-to, detailed reference)
Size (number of topics)
What's New Small (only a few topics), but the topics link to further information.

Step-by-step illustrated instructions for using the RAD Studio IDE and database products.

Medium (about a hundred topics)
Getting Started A small section (a few dozen topics).
Steps in Developing a Project Small (less than a hundred topics)
Key Application Types Medium (a few hundred topics)

Win32 Developer's Guide

  • Detailed information most appropriate for more experienced users.
  • Describes the use of Delphi, but in many cases, supplies parallel information for C++.
  • Contains:
Large (a few thousand topics)

Modeling Tools

Medium (a few hundred topics)
IDE Reference Medium (a few hundred topics)
Delphi Reference Large (a few thousand topics)
C++ Reference Large (a few thousand topics)
VCL/RTL Reference
  • Detailed descriptions of the API libraries:
    • VCL (Visual Component Library)
    • RTL (runtime library)

This is the F1 context-sensitive help for the RAD Studio components.

  • The VCL/RTL Reference section is now available on the docwiki at: Main Page.
Very large (many thousands of topics)
  • The major sections of the help are separate libraries, organized by subject matter and according to the experience level of the user.
  • The topmost libraries on the navigation bar are, in general, smaller than libraries listed lower. Thus, the largest library is the last section listed, the VCL/RTL Reference.
  • The topmost libraries are also more introductory type material -- containing either release-specific features (What's New) or sections about all the features of RAD Studio.
  • More experienced RAD Studio users might benefit most from the more technically detailed topics in the reference libraries (IDE Reference, Delphi Reference, C++ Reference, and VCL/RTL Reference).

RAD Studio Code Examples

Our extensive library of compiled code examples, written in complete Delphi and C++ projects, is currently available on a separate wiki:

Delphi Prism (.NET Personality)

The Delphi Prism documentation is available on a separate wiki at

PrismWiki contains the documentation for two next of the BSQL-related database units that are used by both RAD Studio and Delphi Prism (Borland.Data.DataStore and Borland.Data.MetaData).

Additional Help

The following Web pages offer additional assistance, information, and resources (such as Webinars and blogs):

Release Notes and Known Problems

  • If your Internet access is limited by network security, or if your computer is protected by a personal firewall, some of the external links might not be available.
  • By default, the help files are installed at C:\Program Files\Embarcadero\RAD Studio\8.0\Help\Doc.

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