Session 9: Capacity Management

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Planning for the future of your critical databases used to be a difficult task. However, DBArtisan’s optional Capacity Analyst tool makes it easy to understand where your databases are today and where they are headed in the future. Capacity Analyst lets you track key database metadata and performance metrics over time so you can perform trend analysis on key areas like growth, object fragmentation, I/O and session load. Like all of the Analyst Series products, Capacity Analyst runs fully contained within DBArtisan so you have access to smart, built-in forecasting mechanisms that allow you to predict when your databases run out of space and the ability to proactively manage your storage assets, all from the same console.

Performance Analyst is available for DB2 for Unix, Windows, and Linux, Sybase ASE, Oracle, and SQL Server.

  1. On the Datasource Explorer, select any Oracle datasource.
  2. From the Analyst menu, select Capacity Analyst.
    Note: Capacity Analyst is a separately-licensed component. If you are not working with an evaluation copy of DBArtisan or do not have a specific license, proceed to Session 10: General Utilities and Tools. Contact your license administrator or your IDERA representative about obtaining a license.
    The Capacity Analyst opens in the DBArtisan workspace for the target Oracle datasource.

See the relevant DBArtisan online help topics for a detailed walkthrough of all available features and functionality.

Proceed to Session 10: General Utilities and Tools.