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Go Up to Admin

My Settings > Admin > ER/Studio Publications

The ER/Studio Publications page lets you manage the privacy level of each uploaded diagram.

ERTS 180 Publications Page.png

This page provides the following actions:

Action Description


Reloads the Team Server Publications page to show the latest data regarding the current state of publications.

Publish Selected

Publish or depublish those resources that you check in the tree view depending on the action selected.

Download Log File

Allows you to save or open the log of the publication process.

Notepad blue icon 2.pngNote: Once a diagram has been published then Team Server will automatically publish the information for that diagram everytime it changes.

Below the actions at the top of the Team Server Publications page, you can see table that displays the status of the most recent execution of the publication process. The table provides the following columns:

Item Description


In this column you can find a tree view of resources available in the Repository.

You can click the + and - buttons to expand and collapse resources. The checkboxes on the left-hand side of every resource are used to specify the items to publish.

Tip: When you check or uncheck a node in the tree, the action affects all its subnodes.


Determines what to do with the ER object during a publication process. You can choose one of:

  • Publish. Changes Repository are published on Team Server.
  • Remove. The ER object is depublished from Team Server.


Describes the current publication status of each resource.

  • Not Published. This is the initial status of new repository ER objects until the state changes to another status. A diagram with this status is not visible to users.
  • Scheduled. The ER object is scheduled to be published during the current publication process.
  • Started. The ER object is being published.
  • Published. The ER object was successfully published.
  • Error. The publication of the ER object finished with an error.


This value shows how many times a diagram has been checked in meanwhile the publication process is running.

Status Date

The date and time of the last process done that affected the ER object.

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