Searching for a Resource of a Specific Resource Type

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To search for resources of a specific resource type:

  1. Select the search page of the target resource type.
  2. Enter your search terms in the search field.

As soon as you stop typing, Team Server filters the list of resources and displays only resources that meet your search criteria. Click their name to open their resource page.

Advanced Search

Using the advanced search you have more control of the search than with any other search box in ER/Studio Team Server. For advanced search:

  1. Click the Advanced button search page of the target resource.
  2. In the Property drop-down list select the property you want to filter for.
  3. Select the condition: Is, Like, Not Like...
  4. In the Value field, enter a valid value for the selected property. This will limit the search results.
  5. Click Search. The Advanced Search page reloads to show the search results.

If you need to add additional filters, click the AddAnotherMatch.gif button on the right-hand side of the first set of filter fields.

Favorite Searches

After completing an advanced search, you can name and save the search for later use.

To save an advanced search as favorite:

  1. Perform an advanced search.
  2. Click Save Search As.
  3. On the New Search dialog box that opens:
    • Enter a descriptive Name for your search.
    • Optionally, write a Description that provides additional details that would not fit the search name.
    • Optionally, check the Shared checkbox to make your new favorite search public, so that any other user can access your search from the Favorite Searches page. If you leave this option unchecked, you will be the only user able to access your new favorite search from the Favorite Searches page.

After you save your new Advanced Search as favorite, you can find it in the Favorite Searches page.

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