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Thank you for using Team Server, the award-winning web-based tool to access, search, edit and manage enterprise metadata. Team Server is a model and metadata collaboration platform that provides greater meaning, understanding and, context to enterprise data. Data professionals, developers, and business analysts gain better comprehension and compliance using integrated model, metadata and collaboration tools.

These Release Notes contain important information that might not appear in the Team Server documentation. We recommend that you read this page in its entirety. If you are seeing this information offline, you may find more updated information of the current version of these notes on the online documentation.

Enhancements/Bug Fixes and Known Issues

Bugs Fixed in ER/Studio 19.1

ERS-10996 Includes support for external tables in Oracle 12c and later.
ERS-13564 Includes support for interval partitioning in Oracle 11g and later.
ERS-18310 Includes support for saving varchar size units as BYTE or CHAR for physical models in Oracle 12c and later.
ERS-22355 Includes support for reference partition in Oracle 11g and later.
ERS-25176 Includes support for partitioning by RANGE in Oracle 12c and later.
ERS-25281 Resolved an issue causing an invalid token error for an embedded pound (£) symbol.
ERS-25362 Updates the compare/merge script generation to create the FK after the parent table.
ERS-25414 Updates the Oracle parser to handle function calls without parameters and parentheses.
ERS-25797 Updates the INTERVAL DAY(0) datatype in the live database to no longer be reversed as INTERVAL DAY(11).
ERS-26416 Resolves an issue with Alter SQL generated during extended alter for constraints.
ERS-26739 Includes support for identity columns in Oracle 12c and later.
ERS-27129 Resolves the Oracle create user DDL syntax.
ERS-27180 Updates compare/merge to now generate the correct extended alter SQL in specific case.
ERS-28173 Resolves an issue with parsing LISTAGG in the Materialized view.
ERS-28235 Populate the file name for GetFilePath() in macros.
ERS-28625 Retains the Quick Access toolbar and styles persistent when a style is chosen.
ERS-28780 Correctly reverse engineers certain views from Redshift.
ERS-28792 Resolves an issue so the user is no longer prompted to override the Business Terms Value when Team Server is not configured.
ERS-28867 Resolves an issue causing some users to experience a crash when upgrading a diagram during a CTE update.
ERS-28916 Creates Primary Keys for PostgreSQL when generating a Physical Model.
RWP-9114 Allows the Team Server admin to synchronize Collibra integration Terms.
RWP-9071 Allows the Team Server admin to hide menu items based on user group.
RWP-9083 Includes the ability to specify a backup folder location upon uninstall.
RWP-9093 Includes support for a hyperlinked URL on a Term Custom Attribute.
RWP-9115 Allows the Team Server admin to publish Logical and Physical models from Team Server to Collibra with mappings of related Terms.
RWP-9207 Updates the user interface colors of tabs to be in line with other similar items.
RWP-9230 Allows the Team Server admin to add custom properties to selected objects without using Enterprise Data Dictionary attachments or the Repository.
RWP-9249 Replaces current Java version with AdoptOpenJDK 11.
RWP-9264 Allows the Team Server admin to manage Collibra integration settings and configuration.
RWP-9329 Allows viewing of attributes in ER Objects.

Enhancements/Bug Fixes in ER/Studio 19.0.1

ERS-25202 Supports additional features for SQL Server Temporal Tables.
ERS-27441 Adds quotation marks to the Field Names when generating the database JSON.
ERS-28256 Adds the Universal Mappings button to the Repository ribbon.
ERS-28313 Adds the Diagram Properties button to the Model ribbon.
ERS-28386 Allows user to switch between open files.
RWP-8839 Adds a graphical relationship component.
RWP-8926 Support Azure SQL DB as backend Repository/Team Server database.
RWP-8941 Modifies the Business Term object page to view ER Objects graphically.
RWP-9067 Allows bulk harvesting of Business Terms and Relationships from Logical Models.
RWP-9077 Resolved an issue causing reports to fail for some users after upgrading from ERTS 18.1 to ERTS 18.3.
RWP-9096 Allows simple relationships ("is attribute of," "is type of," "is synonymous with") between Terms.
RWP-9097 Allows complex relationships ("relates to" and additional properties) between Terms.
RWP-9101 Adds Parent Glossary advanced search option in the Business Terms list.
RWP-9102, RWP-9103, RWP-9104, RWP-9105 Modifies the Business Term object page to:
  • include a subpage for Attribute relationship
  • include a subpage for Synonym relationship
  • include a subpage for Relates To relationship
RWP-9108 Improves Glossary deletion by allowing users to select whether they want to delete child Business Terms or leave the parent Glossary blank.
RWP-9109 Modifies the CSV import/export to support relationships.
RWP-9110 Updates the API to support Business Glossary with new relationships.
RWP-9112 Allows user to turn off Linked Terms using the Business Term Settings available from the Admin menu.
RWP-9140 Supports new ERDA features for additional platforms (Microsoft Azure Synapse Analytics, Microsoft SQL Server 2019, MySQL 8.x).
RWP-9148 Adds the modifiedAt property for all ER Objects including sub-objects returned in queries for parent objects.
RWP-9166 Modifies the Business Term object page to view related ER Objects graphically.
RWP-9167 Resolves an issue affecting the Where Used tab on the Object Detail page.
RWP-9169 Allows users to turn off standard properties of a Business Term.
RWP-9210 Modifies the New Term dialog to include a Parent Glossary field.

Enhancements/Bugs Fixes in ER/Studio 19.0.0

ERS-10973 Supports Inheritance Relationships for PostgreSQL.
ERS-14719 Supports SQL Server CTE Views.
ERS-16141 Supports the 'where' clause for SQL Server and Azure SQL DB filtered index.
ERS-11888 Supports extended properties for SQL Server Tables and Columns.
ERS-18591 Allows users to define table compression for SQL Server and Azure DB.
ERS-19263 Supports Spatial Indexes for SQL Server and Azure SQL DB.
ERS-20179 Allows users to define index compression for SQL Server and Azure DB.
ERS-23385 Supports the 'Columnstore' index for SQL Server.
ERS-25202 Allows users to model temporal tables in SQL Server.
ERS-25783 Added an option to select Azure Active Directory Password authentication support.
ERS-27836 Allows TLS between Data Architect and Repository.
ERS-27986 Supports the 'relates to' relationship between Business Terms and Objects.
ERS-27991 Supports Azure Synapse Analytics.
ERS-28017 Supports SQL Server 2019.
ERS-28136 Supports MySQL 8.0.
ERS-28160 Allows users to generate MongoDB model output as plain JSON.
ERS-28211 Combined Repository and Team Server login features into a single dialog box.
RWP-9095 Allows namespacing of Terms to parent Glossary ("is part of").
RWP-9099 Updates the Glossary page to show Terms that are namespaced to that Glossary and updates Relate options.
RWP-9100 Modifies the Terms List page to include the parent Glossary name in parentheses after each Business Term name.
RWP-9106 Modifies the Business Term Object page to show the parent Glossary relationship.
RWP-9107 Modifies the ER Objects pages to show the parent Glossary relationship.
RWP-9170 Resolves an issue preventing a user from saving edits to a Business Term when two or more terms have the same name but different Entity Types.

Known Issues

ERS-28436 Functions and Procedures are not shown in the Dependencies tab after opening the Table editor.
ERS-28444 App crashes when a user performs a compare and merge against live DB.
ERS-28688 Views using some JOIN constructs fail parsing on SQL Server.
ERS-28703 Add diagram fails in some environments when using TLS.
ERS-28809 Error in macro when getting lists from a model.
ERS-28840 Linked Terms are not displayed when using the popout attribute editor.
ERS-28921 Parser fails to recognize primary key on import from SQL.
ERS-28923 No DDL is generated for Oracle sequences without schema name.
ERS-28942 ER/Studio process ends when reverse-engineering columnstore indexes on large tables.
RWP-9309 Create Team Server Data Source from fails for Azure with the message, "Property database Type not valid."
RWP-9321 Bulk Harvest Terms requires user confirmation to leave page.
RWP-9418 Error message appears on the configurator notification page after clicking Test.
RWP-9429 Sync Now button is disabled on the General Collibra Settings page after applying "Collibra linking" data.

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