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Welcome to ER/Studio Repository

ER/Studio Repository is a server-side model management system that solves the day-to-day challenges of modeling in a team environment, where model collaboration, versioning, security and component reuse are vital. The ER/Studio Repository allows multiple users to be extremely productive while collaborating on data and business process modeling projects with real-time concurrent access that allows team members to share and re-use assets across projects.

  • Collaborative modeling with concurrent model and object access
  • Model and object version management
  • Standardized enterprise data dictionary
  • Real-time objects status notification

About This Document

In the Repository Installation and Administration Guide is the primary reference for the Repository. It provides both installation and administration information. In HTML Help format it serves as online help within ER/Studio DA. It is also distributed in PDF format for easy downloading and printing.

For more information, see the Embarcadero website at

Topics covered in this section include:

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