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The synchronization process provides Embarcadero Connect with the credentials (username and password) of your ER/Studio Repository users. Now you need to add some connection licenses to Embarcadero Connect so that those users can log in to Embarcadero Connect and use it.

After you purchase a license and receive a serial number for that license:

  1. Select My Settings > Admin > Licenses, and click Register Add-on License.
  2. In the product registration page that appears, enter the serial number that you received and click Next.
  3. If you are not logged in, the Embarcadero Product Registration Login page loads. You can log in using your existing Developer Network account, or you can create a new account.
  4. On the Product Registration page, choose under Download or email the activation file how you want to receive your license add-on file, and click Register.
  5. Once you have the reg*.txt file, put it into <Embarcadero Connect installation folder>\license\.

With that your license add-on is installed. You can close the Product Registration Page and click Refresh in the Licenses page to update the page content, which now displays your new license add-on.

For more information, see Overview of Connection Licenses.

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