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The Modify Recovery Wizard lets you delete records from SYSIBM.SYSCOPY, related log records from SYSIBM.SYSLGRNX, and entries from the DBD. You can delete records based on a specific age or based on the date the record was written.

You should run the wizard regularly to clear outdated information from SYSIBM.SYSCOPY and SYSIBM.SYSLGRNX. These tables, and particularly SYSIBM.SYSLGRNX, can become very large and take up considerable amounts of space. By deleting outdated information from these tables, performance for processes that access data from these tables can be improved.

Platform Availability

To Run the Modify Recovery Utility

  1. Initiate a Modify Recovery action against a tablespace. For more information see Initiating an object operation.
  2. Use the following table as a guide to understanding and modifying settings in the Modify Recovery Utility wizard:
Step Settings and tasks


Select tablespaces

Displays the available tablespaces.


Opens the Object Selector Dialog Box.


Deletes the selected items.


Delete history record(s) by

Age lets you delete history records by age, specifying a Number of Days between 1 and 32767. Date lets you delete all records written before a specified Date in eight digit format yyyymmdd (e.g. 20000218).

3. When ready, click Finish.