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The Move Table action lets you move data in an active table into a new, identically-named table, leaving the data online and available for use. This action lets you build and submit one or more SYSPROC.ADMIN_MOVE_TABLE calls. A single call, corresponding to the MOVE command, lets you execute all move operations in a single step. Multiple calls correspond to use of the INIT, COPY, REPLAY, VERIFY, SWAP, CLEANUP or CANCEL commands, and let you execute the move operations in individual steps.

Note: Before using this object action, consult DB2 LUW documentation for information on the ADMIN_MOVE_TABLE procedure, specifically the options and parameters used by the procedure. For more information, see Accessing Third Party Documentation.

Platform Availability

To move table data

  1. Initiate a Move Table action against a table. For more information see Initiating an object operation.
  2. Use the following table as a guide to understanding and choosing options the options in the dialog:
Pane Categories and Option Descriptions

Action Options


The Use Target Table option lets you select from the two methods available with use of the ADMIN_MOVE_TABLE procedure. Select the Use Target Table check box if you have already created the target tabl , and are using this action to move the data to that table. Leave the Use Target Table check box unselected to specify tablespaces used by the new table and have this action create the table before moving data to the new table.


These options are only available with the Use Target Table check box deselected. They let you optionally specify new data, index, and LOB tablespaces for the target table.

Target Table

This option is only available with the Use Target Table check box selected. It lets you specify an existing table to be used as the target table during the move.


The Generate... options correspond to the ADMIN_MOVE_TABLE Operation input parameters. These can be used in one of two mutually exclusive ways. You can generate a single ADMIN_MOVE_TABLE call specifying MOVE to have all operations performed at one time. Alternatively, you can generate one or more ADMIN_MOVE_TABLE calls corresponding to each of the selected INIT, COPY, REPLAY, VERIFY, SWAP, CLEANUP, or CANCEL options, to have the table moved one step at a time.


A set of options is displayed for each selected Generate... option. Depending on the Generate... selection, KEEP, COPY_USE_LOAD, COPY_WITH_INDEXES, FORCE, NO_STATS, COPY_STATS, NO_AUTO_REVAL, REORG, NO_TARGET_LOCKSIZE, CLUSTER, NON_CLUSTER, and LOAD_MSGPATH options may be available. Keep in mind that CLUSTER and NON_CLUSTER options are mutually exclusive and that LOAD_MSGPATH is only available when COPY_USE_LOAD is selected.


Displays the DDL generated to execute the operation. For more information, see Preview.

3. Click the Execute or Schedule button.